July 24, 2021

American financial speculation finances the restoration of the gardens of Chambord

National pride or discretion of the patron, it is above all the Belgian and Dutch-speaking press, which echoed the fact that the restoration of the French-style gardens of Chambord, which will be open to the public in March 2017, has not been allowed. only thanks to the patronage of a wealthy American. And not just any since it is Stephen Schwarzman, the boss and co-founder of the investment fund Blackstone, a wolf of Wall Street, who has distinguished himself, according to Le Figaro, by the highest remuneration of the year 2014 for an investment fund boss, with a gain of $ 690 million (= 614 million euros), or a trifle of nearly $ 2 million per working day!

Work in progress, soon to be completed.

Financial speculation is therefore beneficial since Stephen Schwarzman would invest 0.5% of his annual income by donating $ 3.5 million for the restoration of the French gardens of the Château de Chambord designed in the century of Louis XIV. It must be said that Stephen Schwarzman loves France: already a patron of the Parisian museums of Decorative Arts and the Louvre, the financier has decided to support the restoration of the gardens of Chambord, which he particularly admires and which he has visited twice these past last years.

Stephen Schwarzman “love France, love our heritage ”, explains the director of the estate, Jean d’Haussonville. He had in particular “The idea of ​​helping France at a time when we see that heritage is an issue of civilization”, adds Jean d’Haussonville.

François Iis (1494-1547) “Wanted Chambord to be a sort of island emerging from a diversion of the Loire”, 4 km from the castle, recalled Jean d’Haussonville. He had commissioned a hydrological engineer to begin work in 1545 but died two years later. King Louis XIV had a terrace built from 1682 on which this garden was installed in 1734. But “the old French-style flowerbeds had become grass.“, Explained the director of the estate.

With the gift of Stephen Schwarzman, “All of the flowerbeds (with an area of ​​6.5 hectares) are paid for. The works will be delivered for Christmas. We will open to the public on March 21, 2017 ”, said the director of the Chambord estate.


(according to our colleagues De Rectabie.be and DH.be)

NB : The French-style gardens project is being carried out by the company J. Richard, a Loirétain landscape designer in Orléans. Jean-Marc Sipan recently contributed to an evening of “innovative entrepreneurs” in Orléans.