July 26, 2021

Bill Gates regains his place as the richest man in the world


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The American magazine Forbes has delivered its 2014 ranking of the richest men in the world: Bill Gates regains his n ° 1 place ahead of the Mexican Carlos Slim. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg doubled his fortune in one year.

  • After four years in 2nd place, Bill Gates once again became the richest man in the world in 2014, according to the ranking established by Forbes magazine.

    Credit: Image: AFP

  • 1. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft: $ 76 billion.

    Credit: Image: Mehdi Taamallah / AFP

  • 2. Carlos Slim lost a billion dollars between 2013 and 2014: 72 billion dollars.

    Credits: Image: Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP

  • 3. Amancio Ortega, boss of Zara, consolidates his third place by earning 7 billion dollars over the last twelve months: 64 billion dollars.

    Credit: Image: Miguel Riopa / AFP

  • 4. Warren Buffett, CEO of Bershire Hathaway: $ 58.2 billion

    Credit: Image: AFP

  • 5. Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle: $ 48 billion.

    Credit: Image: Josh Edelson / AFP

  • 6. Charles Koch, vice president of Koch Industries: $ 40 billion.

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  • 7. David Koch, vice president of Koch Industries: $ 40 billion.

    Credit: Image: Amanda Gordon / AFP

  • 8. Sheldon Adelson, casino owner: $ 38 billion.

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  • 9. Christy Walton, co-owner of the American distribution giant Walmart: $ 36.7 billion.

    Credits: Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez / AFP

  • 10. Jim Walton, co-owner of the American distribution giant Walmart: $ 34.7 billion.

    Credit: Image: Walmart

  • 11. Liliane Bettencourt, owner of L’Oréal: $ 34.5 billion.

    Credits: Image: François Guillot / AFP

  • 12. Stefan Persson, boss of H&M: $ 34.4 billion.

    Credits: Image: Larry Busacca / AFP

  • 13. Alice Walton, co-owner of the American distribution giant Walmart: $ 34.3 billion.

    Credit: Image: Walmart

  • 14. S. Robson Walton, co-owner of American retail giant Walmart: $ 34.2 billion.

    Crédits: Image: Alex Wong/AFP

  • 15. Bernard Arnault, boss of LVMH: 33.5 billion dollars.

    Credits: Image: Eric Piermont / AFP

  • 16. Michael Bloomberg, boss of the empire of the same name and former mayor of New York: $ 33 billion.

    Credit: Image: AFP

  • 17. Larry Page, Google co-founder: $ 32.3 billion.

    Credits: Image: Emmanuel Dunand / AFP

  • 18. Jeff Bezos, Amazon boss: $ 32 billion.

    Credit: Image: David Ryder / AFP

  • 19. Sergey Brin, Google co-founder: $ 31.8 billion.

    Credit: Image: AFP

  • 20. Li Ka-Shing, boss of Hutchinson Whampoa and Watson: $ 31 billion.

    Credit: Image: Oli Scarff / AFP

Carlos Slim’s parenthesis lasted four years. Since 2010, the Mexican telecoms mogul had overtaken Bill Gates in the ranking Forbes of the richest people in the world. The 2014 ranking published on March 3 puts the American at the top of the list: 76 billion dollars is the fortune that the founder of Microsoft would have, or 9 billion more than in 2013. Carlos Slim, on the other hand, lost one billion dollars over the past twelve months and ends up at $ 72 billion. The third step of the podium is occupied by Amancio Ortega, boss of Zara, who joined the top three in 2013 and consolidates his position with 7 billion more, for a 2014 total of 64 billion dollars.

But if Bill Gates regains his first place, the big winner of this edition is much younger: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has more than doubled his fortune in one year, from 13.3 to 28.5 billion dollars, at the gates of the top 20. This dizzying growth is in particular to be attributed to the IPO of the social network, which saw the share price soar. Note that her n ° 2, Sheryl Sandberg, integrates the clan of billionaires, even if she remains at a good distance from her boss.

The new rich of techno

Like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, computer and web fortunes are at the top of the rankings: Larry Ellison (5th), Larry Page (17th), Jeff Bezos (18th) and Sergey Brin (19th) ) nibble on places and see their fortunes grow year after year at a faster rate than the bosses and shareholders of the traditional economy.

If the Americans carve out the lion’s share (492 billionaires out of 1,645 across the world), the top 20 offers prime places to a few very wealthy Europeans: Amancio Ortega (3rd), Liliane Bettencourt (11th), Stefan Persson (12th) ), Bernard Arnault (15th).

But what is striking, as the global economy has just gone through a serious crisis, is to witness an unprecedented increase in the number of holders of capital of $ 1 billion or more: +15.3 %. But their combined fortune has grown even faster than their numbers, from $ 5,400 billion in 2013 to $ 6,400 billion this year. Finally, Forbes notes that two-thirds of the 1,645 billionaires built their wealth on their own, while one-third inherited it at least partially.