July 31, 2021

Breakfast: Darren Waller wants to help Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning thanks his mom

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Trevor Lawrence signed with Jacksonville for $ 36.8 million

Darren Waller (Raiders) sets out to personally train Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow (TE, Jaguars) did not get an invitation to camp hosted by George Kittle (TE, 49ers), but he will still receive advice from one of the best tight ends in the league. Darren Waller (TE, Raiders) has made the transition from wide receiver to close receiver, and he wants to pass on his experience. He therefore offered to provide Tebow with advice on a personal basis.

“If he thinks he can learn from me, then I would love to help him and make his transition easier,” Waller told TMZ.com. “I tried to find any information when I made the transition, to watch the guys play to ask people. So I would like to pass that on and help him become a better player. “

Delanie Walker thinks she will find a taker during the summer camps

Out of football last year, Delanie Walker (TE) has yet to find a club for this year. But he has already announced his intention to play in 2021, and aim for the title if possible. He had an inconclusive trial with San Francisco, yet he plans to find a job by the time the summer camps open. According to him the ankle problems which limited him to 8 meetings between 2018 and 2019 are behind him.

“My goal is just to try to be in the best shape possible, because I know the opportunity will come, when someone really needs a tight end during camps,” Walker told ESPN. com. “This is where my opportunity will come. But for now I couldn’t tell you who I’m going to play for or what team I’m interested in. They talk to me, but in the end I feel like my ankle is a problem, or my age, so the teams don’t really give me the contract I want. We’ll see what happens in times of need, when they really need a tight end. “


. Vikings discuss overtime with Harrison Smith (S) and Brian O’Neill (OT). According to SKOR North, talks with the safety have resumed in a “significant” way, as the player enters his last year of contract and expressed the wish to extend the adventure in Minnesota. The tackle is in an interesting position. The longest-serving player on the offensive line, O’Neill is entering his 3rd year in the league and no other linemen on the team are tied to a major veteran contract or eligible for overtime. A good shot for the purples who want to keep some experience on this unit.

. Eddie Goldman (DT) will he return to the Bears? Following his withdrawal from the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the veteran did not show up for off-season activities or at the Chicago mini-camp, being fined $ 93,000 in the process. . Although his coach, Matt Nagy, has said he expects a return “in great shape to training camp”, the situation is not that simple. According to Chicago Tribune, the question of a return is not settled, adding that Goldman could consider retiring.

In short

Darius Hodge (EDGE, Bengals) saw his July 4th interrupted by the police. According to WRAL.com police made his arrest in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Hodge is accused of acts of violence dating back to 2019. These dating from before entering the NFL, the league cannot pronounce a sanction, but they could come to aggravate a future sanction.


Terry Donahue, a longtime college-level coach who concluded his football career as general manager for the 49ers, has died aged 77. In 20 years at the helm of UCLA, Donahue became the most successful coach in the history of what is now the Pac-12 conference with 3 Rose Bowls at stake. After he left, Jerry Jones offered him the Cowboys coaching job in 1998, but he turned it down. The following year he was hired by Bill Walsh (GM) as personnel manager for the 49ers, and when Walsh retired he became the general manager of the California franchise. A position he held from 2001 to 2005.

Jets: “Alijah Vera-Tucker ticks all the boxes”

After selecting Mekhi Becton (OT) last year, the Jets got their hands on Alijah Vera-Tucker (OG) to the 2021 draft to continue to instill talent on the offensive line. And according to John Benton (OL coach), Gottham has once again found a nugget.

“Very positive, we are playing unprotected at the moment so there are still things to check,” Benton told the team website. “But so far he’s ticked all the boxes. He wants to learn the pattern. Impressive athletically, and he seems to fit in well with the guys. He will definitely be in the rotation, if he passes the physical tests with the protections. But all indicators are green. “

Andrew Whitworth (Rams) sees great career for Nick Bosa

Passing through Chris Long’s podcast, Andrew Whitworth (LT, Rams) has long spread over the pass rushers that impressed him in the league. Among his favorites, Nick Bosa (DE, 49ers) which has a “rare power” which will only increase with experience. Whitworth sees the Niner more powerful than his brother, and predicts him a great career.

“I think he’s a special rusher,” Witworth told NinerNation.com. “For seeing him as a rookie, he’s one of the most powerful kids I’ve seen, and young. Really, in the ground game, in the aerial game, everywhere. He has serious energy. I think there’s the energy of youth, and then when this guy is going to reach his potential, if he’s already that powerful, wow. He’s going to be a guy who can really swing his pocket. And of course playing with an incredible engine. He has the good brother as an example, who is a damn good player too. “

Peyton Manning: “Without my mother, Tom Brady would have 11 rings”

Peyton Manning (ex-QB, Colts & Broncos) knows what football owes him. Without him and his brother Eli (ex-QB, Giants), Tom Brady’s grip on the NFL would have gone unchallenged for two decades. Joking about Brady’s seven titles over the course of The Match: Prediction Show, Manning paid tribute to his mother.

“Without my mom, Olivia Manning, he would have 11,” Peyton said.

Let’s talk about outfits

. The Packers will have a new alternate uniform in 2021. Mark Murphy has confirmed that it will be revealed later, and will have a shade of green without saying more. But fans shouldn’t expect extravagance. Asked about the subject during the monthly question-and-answer session on the team’s website, the president rejected the idea of ​​an alternative fluorescent orange or camouflage outfit.

“I realize hunting is important in Wisconsin, but I’m not sure about a bright orange jersey or camouflage,” Murphy wrote.

Something to sadden the large community of hunters in the region who crowd in Lambeau Field wearing orange or camouflage winter clothing.

. Starting in 2022, the league will allow teams to use an alternative helmet and San Francisco could take advantage of this regulatory relaxation to bring out its red protection from the 1955 season.

“There are really two options for us,” 49ers marketing manager Alex Chang told Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports. “Stay with the helmet from ’94, which we already use today and love this look – or a helmet from 1955 that was a red helmet with a band and a silver protective grille. We are studying both possibilities. “

The 49ers will have to submit their intention to the league by July 31. In the meantime, the California franchise will put another logo on its helmet when the retro outfit is released that will be identical to the 1994 one. As this is just a decal change, the team has not. need league approval.

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