August 6, 2021

Coinbase is hiring heavily to end the discontent

Faced with numerous complaints about ineffective customer support from Coinbase, the company announces internal reforms via a blog post. The exchange has indeed just acquired an army of agents to put an end to the wave of discontent that hits it.

Over 130 pages of discontent

If you too are one of the unhappy customers of customer support from Coinbase, know that the platform has just announced a remedy for this scourge. It has in fact increased the number of agents assigned to this service to manage online chats and promote telephone assistance. Other measures will complement this drastic initiative.

9 years ago Brian Armstrong created the company in question. Its launch was followed by a shower of complaints from customers. In 2018 alone, Mashable was able to draw up a 134-page report containing complaints relating to free access to information sent to the Securites and Exchange Commission the United States.

At the root of this dissatisfaction were two very distinct problems. It first started with accusations of embezzlement against Coinbase justified by their mysterious disappearance. Then come the unflattering remarks about the inability to access your account due to locking.

3,000 new recruits

Casper Sorensen, vice president of customer support at Coinbase, says things have been different recently. The cryptocurrency exchange boasts, without question, that it has so far settled its backlog of complaints.

Sorensen believes that the Coinbase has taken a big step forward since the start of the year. According to him, the number of customers who have appealed for help has decreased by 70%. And this despite a 28% increase in the mass of platform users.

Concretely, the company hired 3,000 additional agents: which multiplies by five its staff assigned to customer support. Which are given missions promoting the education of customers on how they can protect their account from scams. This armada will also support high net worth clients in the implementation of detailed verification controls.

Coinbase has every interest in taking the bull by the horns in order to restore its image as soon as possible. And its efforts paid off in no time, according to its administrators.

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