July 25, 2021

NBA [J-27] The Nets will not let go yet!

Context and expectations

We will not go into each new school year on the gruesome situation in which Brooklyn has found itself since the summer of 2013 and one of the worst decisions in the history of the NBA (” The Infamous Billy King Trade “). As a reminder, the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, in a hurry to see his team be at the top of the League, had favored the arrival of the aging trio Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry against many Draft rounds. A monumental flop which once again saw the red lantern of the last regular season (20V – 62D) give its 1is Choice of the 2017 Draft in Boston (who then sent it to Philadelphia with Markelle Fultz) in exchange for… nothing at all.

This did not prevent the new management, around the excellent GM Sean Marks, from making strong choices this summer with the departure of Brook Lopez against D’Angelo Russell. A former great hope against the leading scorer in the history of the Nets (10,444 points from 2008 to 2017). A choice resolutely focused on the future, which allows them to have an interesting rear-wheel drive Jeremy Lin-Russell, if however the health problems of the first do not repeat themselves … ” He and Jeremy will share the ball a lot, they will play a lot together, promet Sean Marks. It gives us another dynamic, another weapon to use. »

Promising, Caris LeVert could be one of the beautiful surprises of the season. Coach Kenny Atkinson will also finally be able to count on two solid wingers (see below), even if he will inevitably lose quality in the racket with the departure of the mare Lopez. Because the great Mozgov, interesting in New York and during his first months in Cleveland, now seems lost on a parquet floor. The rookie Jarrett Allen, recovered in 17th position, does not seem to him « NBA ready “. Even if there are still a lot of gray areas, Barclays Center should see a real basketball team evolve. A team that does not give up like last season.

The question: What is the Crabbe-Carroll duo on the wing worth?

In the free agent market, Brooklyn, given its location, couldn’t really hit hard. But the Nets, however, recruited two new players in position 3, which was really not a luxury. Already coveted for a year, Allen Crabbe arrives from Portland where he had signed an almost incredible contract extension of $ 75 million over four years … With a disappointment to the key for the Blazers since this good long-distance shooter has barely improved his stats. last year (10.7pts against 10.3pts in 2015-16).

« It’s really gonna be a bigger role for me here in Brooklyn, he emphasizes. I really try to focus on my weaknesses in the game during the offseason. “Defense should be on the agenda for those who will be supported by DeMarre Carroll, one of Toronto’s big flops last season. Embarrassed by bruised knees, the 31-year-old winger will try to revive BK from the bench. He should still have more opportunities to tickets shoots that with DeMar DeRozan …

Player to watch: D’Angelo Russell

Arrived at BK to leave the field open to Lonzo Ball on the Lakers’ side, D’Angelo Russell may not have lost that much in the exchange. Admittedly, the No. 2 of the 2015 Draft knows full well that he should not play the Playoffs for the first time in his career, but Here he is with the opportunity to be one or even THE major player of his new team. What perhaps give him the confidence to improve his still insufficient shooting percentages during his first two years (40.5% and 41%). And become a leader that he did not know how to become in LA ” I don’t really like going over it and talking about it. There is nothing to be learned from it, he confided at the end of August. This year, I will be over-motivated against any team. It might sound cliché, but it’s the truth. A second chance that he should not miss.

“I fell in love with its potential.”

Sean Marks

« I’ve been D’Angelo for quite a few years now, since college. And like many other NBA leaders, I fell in love with his potential, said Sean Marks, one of today’s most highly rated GMs. Everyone in the staff was excited to bring such talent to our roster. And he’s only 21. We could have drafted players older than him. He already has two years of experience behind him and is probably looking for a new environment, which we are happy to give him. We don’t know how far he can go. We like his size, his passes. The more I get to know D’Angelo, the more I appreciate the person. We spent a lot of time together and I think it fits the style of play we want to put in place. »

The starting five

Le roster

Leaders: Jeremy Lin – Isaiah Whitehead – Spencer Dinwiddie

Rear: D’Angelo Russell – Caris LeVert – Sean Kilpatrick

Wingers: Allen Crabbe – DeMarre Carroll – Joe Harris

Strong wingers: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson – Trevor Booker

Pivots : Timofey Mozgov – Jarrett Allen – Quincy Acy

Our prognosis: 14th in the East

If all goes well, Brooklyn should glean more wins than last season. A goal that should not allow the neighbor of the Knicks to find the Playoffs but which will prove the few beautiful promises for the future.