July 31, 2021

Star Wars: Visions unveils first images!

News culture Star Wars: Visions unveils first images!

From September, Disney + subscribers will be able to (re) discover the Star Wars universe through a new angle: the vision of Japanese animation studios. Many months after the announcement of the project by Disney and Lucasfilm, in December 2020, we finally have images!

It is more precisely on September 22 that Star Wars : Visions will land on Disney’s streaming service. In the program : 9 unreleased short films made by 7 different Japanese animation studios, among which Production IG (Ghost in the Shell) or Kamikaze Douga (Batman Ninja). The set will allow fans to approach the mythical saga from a new point of view, but not for all that surprising: its most fervent aficionados already know the inspiration that was the Japanese cutlure for the director George Lucas.

The first images revealed through a three-minute video are accompanied by comments from members of the various studios behind Star Wars : Visions. If it is not a trailer strictly speaking, we can nevertheless see the work done thanks to artworks from several short films. Each of them should also have their own style. We can therefore hope to be constantly surprised, especially since the series will not be canon: the events taking place there will have no impact on the universe of the original saga (series and film included).

If we must not forget that it is above all about communication, this video highlights the dream that this series represents for the members of the 7 studios concerned, all appearing as true Star Wars fans each with their own story to tell. Romances, humor, drama, epic battles … the universe imagined by George Lucas and of an incredible richness, and the series intends to be the proof of it. Between a Jedi master and his padawan facing an unknown threat, the children’s fascination with lightsabers, or the creation of a symbolic non-human character, it only remains to hope that the proposal is also successful. on the screen that it is not attractive on paper!

The list of episodes and studios behind each:

  • Kamikaze Douga – The Duel
  • Geno Studio – Lop and Ochō
  • Studio Colorido – Tatooine Rhapsody
  • Trigger – The Twins
  • Trigger – The Elder
  • Kinema Citrus – The Village Bride
  • Science Saru- He agreed
  • Science Saru- T0-B1
  • Production IG –The Ninth Jedi

Through Rob_Bellamy, Writing jeuxvideo.com