July 24, 2021

Steve Jobs’ widow to build the (luxury) villa of his dreams

Despite his billions in the bank, Steve Jobs was not a flamboyant, far from it. He drove his own petite Mercedes SL 55 AMG, often parked on the street, right in front of its modest villa in Palo Alto.

In his official biography, the co-founder explains at length to Walter Isaacson how difficult it was already to furnish his habitat. The simple choice of a sofa or a washing machine often turned into family conflict, so most rooms were almost empty. The man was also content with a small house visible from the street and without any particular security device, a residence far from the usual excessiveness of most billionaires.

Laurene Powell Jobs’ villa project here comes much closer to the crazy projects of Bill Gates or Larry Ellison. Steve’s widow has in fact applied for a building permit for a real manor of 1,500 m2, on the famous domain of « Jackling House », in Woodside, California. Before his death, Jobs had gone out of his way to raze this old building of Spanish colonial architecture and he was probably secretly preparing his new living environment. But like the yacht created with Philippe Starck, Jobs will not have been able to benefit from it in his lifetime.

This time, Laurene Powell saw it big and without compromise: yoga room, sauna, jacuzzi, two detached houses for guests, a mill for making olive oil (we’re not kidding), a giant vegetable garden (remember that Laurene Powell is, like the late Steve, a vegetarian) and even a barn to store her fruits and vegetables.

The habitat would be covered with solar panels, and the interior would abound in noble materials, as Steve liked to garnish his Apple Stores. Besides, huge bay windows will run around the building, and will open like a guillotine, sinking into the ground:

The site could last 1.5 to 2 years, family Jobs will therefore have to be patient before finally being able to move. As for the price, nothing has transpired for the moment, but we imagine that we are talking here of tens of millions of dollars, at a minimum.