August 3, 2021

Survey Says 9 in 10 U.S. Teens Have iPhones

Since its creation, the iPhone has been a huge success with teenagers, this is mainly explained by the features and apps it offers, but also by the “trendy” aspect, since having an iPhone is when even much classier than having a Samsung Galaxy! If adults give it little importance, adolescents take the image they convey to others very seriously.

The new generation loves Apple

Apple just beat a new record popularity among American teens. According to recent investment banking survey data Piper Sandler, the iPhone would be the most used smartphone among young people, but also the one we want the most!
This survey was interested in 7,000 American teens from different cities and communities, each question asked directly concerned the smartphone owned, as well as the one that we absolutely want when parents offer a new smartphone.

As soon as the first surveys have been validated, Piper Sandler quickly noticed strong appeal to the iPhone. The investment bank explains that 88% teenagers said they currently own an iPhone (whether it is the latest generation or that it is 5 years old).
When asked for the next smartphone they want, it’s also l’iPhone who keeps coming back, close to 90% of respondents replied that they wanted to stay on iOS!
The last survey dates from October 2020, again Apple had achieved a good performance with 86% of the teenagers surveyed who said they had an iPhone and 89% who wanted one.

the smartphone and teens

The report also investigated how American teens pay for lunchtime sandwiches at lunchtime or buy clothes on shopping days.
On this occasion, many remained stuck in the old days, since the majority of respondents explained that they still pay in liquid their purchases from traders.
The second most popular payment method is Apple Pay !
As many of them own iPhones, it makes sense that Apple’s contactless payment is number 1, especially since the Cupertino company refuse for now to open its NFC chip to other equally secure and secure alternatives.

Which apps do teens prefer?

Snapchat obviously!
The app created by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy continues to be THE benchmark for young people, year after year.
They are near 31% to say “interested” in Snapchat. Be careful though, since this could be the last year at the top of this ranking, TikTok comes second with 30% and could well steal Snap’s place in the next poll.
The applications of Mark Zuckerberg’s group (Instagram and Facebook) are they at 24% each.

Regarding online shopping, 56% of adolescents explained ordering as a priority on Amazon, the Prime subscription has never won customer loyalty so well … It must be said that delivery in 1 working day (or the same evening), access to Prime Video, a subscription Twitch Free… it can convince any young person!
This is where we see the intelligence of Amazon which plays several cards at the same time to encourage you to subscribe to the Prime subscription.
When it comes to the favorite fashion brand of young Americans, it’s Nike which is placed in first position. In favorite restaurants, Chick-fil-A is number 1, followed by Starbucks and Chipotle.