July 24, 2021

Unlike Zuckerberg, Snap CEO hails Apple’s Tracking Transparency App

In an interview with CNBC, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, which is expected to roll out soon with iOS 14.5, is a good thing for users. A point of view very different from that of Facebook, even if Snapchat will also be affected by the tool of the brand with the apple.

His announcement at WWDC 2020 had been a bombshell for many businesses and advertisers. Initially scheduled to be released at the same time as iOS 14, App Tracking Transparency has finally been postponed to give developers time to adjust. With this feature, all iPhone or iPad owners will get a message when opening an app asking if they allow the app to use their data for targeted advertising. Logically, many people will refuse.

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Many have criticized this new tool, Facebook in the lead. The economic model of the social network is indeed built on targeted advertising, since it resells personal data to advertisers so that they can better target their advertisements. Whether by blog posts or through the press, the firm of Mark Zuckerberg directly attacked Facebook: ” Apple can say it is doing this to help people, but the move is clearly going against the interests of its competitors. », Launched the CEO of the social network.

The giants of the Web, however, are not all of the same opinion. ” The reality is we admire Apple, and we think they’re trying to do what’s right for their customers. Their concern for privacy is in keeping with our values ​​and how we’ve built our business from the start. Overall, we feel really well prepared for these changes, but changes in this ecosystem are generally disruptive and the outcome is uncertain. “, Said Evan Spiegel.

Although Snap expects a direct impact of the App Tracking Transparency on its revenues, the CEO ensures that he is preparing in advance for the deployment of the tool, and hopes that its negative effects will be felt only in the short term. In fact, the company plans to provide more opportunities for advertisers to deliver their products and services directly through Snapchat.

For its part, Facebook is preparing the response and even plans to sue Apple for anti-competitive practices.