July 24, 2021

Xavier Niel and Stéphane Richard in support of the “1 young person, 1 mentor” scheme

Xavier Niel and Stéphane Richard in support of the “1 young person, 1 mentor” scheme

No question of sacrificing a generation on the altar of the health crisis. More than 100 leaders, including Xavier Niel, engage in mentoring, while inviting their employees and other companies to join them.

“What if tomorrow, when we can, we each give a few hours of our time each month to help a young person find his or her way in life?”, thus begins a column published in July in the Journal du Dimanche and aimed at supporting the “1 young person, 1 mentor” system launched by the Ministry of Labor. “Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, our companies have been mobilizing for youth employment. They are our future. Our responsibility, to avoid a generation sacrificed by the coronavirus, is to continue to support them ”, explain its signatories.

They are more than 100 senior executives of companies to have signed this forum. Among them, we find some personalities of the telecoms sector including Xavier Niel, founder of Free and of the School 42, but also Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, and Grégory Rabuel, CEO of SFR and Altice France. Excluding telcos, there are also a few names such as those of Emmanuel Besnier, CEO of Lactalis, Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Carrefour, Jean-Pierre Farandou, CEO of SNCF, Nicolas Hieronimus, CEO of the L’Oréal Group, or even Jean -Bernard Lévy, CEO of EDF.

A few hours a month to prepare the world after

“Each of us acts on our own scale, relying on the practical tool provided by the 1jeune1solution.gouv.fr platform. For several months, we have been offering job, apprenticeship or internship offers there, with a particular effort in the context of covid-19. Hundreds of thousands of companies are recruiting and thus offer solutions throughout France ”, explain the signatories.

But we have to go even further, not to stop in such a good way. “At the time of building the post-crisis world, we indeed believe it is possible to open up the framework even further, going beyond just recruitment, for the benefit of young people and fraternity. This is the purpose of mentoring, which consists of taking a little time each month to interact with a young person who expresses the need ”, they continue

Become a mentor and an example

But concretely? “Becoming a mentor then means discussing everything and nothing, the different possible horizons of life and giving them advice on their studies or on accessing a job. Sometimes, too, we open our networks, to offer them to those who do not have them. And many times we build lifelong relationships ”, explain the signatories who intend to set an example to achieve the objective of 100,000 young people monitored in 2021 and 200,000 in 2022.

‘We will all take our part, by becoming mentors ourselves and by setting an example with the commitment of each member of our Comex (Editor’s note: Executive Committees). We will also organize ourselves to invite each of our employees to become a sponsor if they wish.“, They assure.

Source: Sunday Newspaper