August 3, 2021

Xiaomi patents a foldable phone with a wraparound screen like on the Mi Mix Alpha

At the end of 2019, Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Mix Alpha with a curious design that had a single screen wrapping around the front, sides and back of the device. Then earlier this year it launched its first foldable, the Mi Mix Fold. What if there was a phone that combined these two designs? Xiaomi previously considered such a possibility and filed a patent on the design last year, although the documents were only released to the public today.

The device really looks like a mix between the Alpha and the Fold. This is basically an inward folder, except that the secondary screen on the outside is not a separate panel, but rather a part of the primary panel that wraps around the side of one. folding halves.

Xiaomi patents a foldable phone with a wrap-around screen like the Mi Mix Alpha

The thicker part that holds the cameras is reminiscent of the Alpha, which didn’t have a front camera – it didn’t need one either because the wrap-around screen allowed users to take selfies with the main camera. “Would have allowed”, anyway, as the phone was canceled before launch.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun mentioned that the wrap-around screen is a challenge to manufacture when announcing the phone. With the cancellation that followed, it’s clear that this really is a major hurdle to overcome. And that was without the added complexity of a folding mechanism.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha
Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha • Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

Rumor has it that Xiaomi is preparing to launch a second foldable in the fourth quarter – could this be it? Unlikely, in part because rumor has it that the device will have two separate displays, a 120Hz panel from Samsung and a 90Hz panel from Visionox. And in part because such a device would be very difficult to build (and therefore more expensive than even current foldables).

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