August 1, 2021

everything you need to know about the brand of household appliances

Dyson is an English brand of household appliances which specializes in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. The products of this company are renowned for their quality and performance. But what is the Dyson brand really worth? We tell you everything in this article.

The origin of Dyson

Founded by James Dyson in 1983, the Dyson company quickly stood out. This man made it all up first vacuum cleaner without bag. It was a revolution in the field of household appliances. The creator was so proud of his product then and decided to set up his company in the early 90s. After years of research and work, he succeeded in improving the power of conventional vacuum cleaners by developing the technology. Dual Cyclone.

In fact, the system consisted of separating the dust and the air so that the engine could run at its optimum. Consumers appreciate this and more and more of them wanted to own a Dyson vacuum. James Dyson also developed the hygienic and electric hand dryer. This type of device is currently present in offices and various administrations.

The symbolic product reminiscent of Dyson certainly remains the G-Force. This vacuum cleaner with cyclonic separator was first marketed in Japan. English consumers did not seem really interested in this product, which was reluctant in the UK. There is also the fact that the bagged vacuum market was still very lucrative at this time. This, however, did not prevent the company from growing and increasing its activities.

The development of the company

In 1983, James Dyson opened a manufacturing and research center in the Chippenham area. Moreover, he had invested most of his previous earnings in the realization of this project. In May 1993, the famous DC01 was born, that’s all Dyson’s first cyclonic vacuum released in UK. In just two years (between 1993 and 1995), the company was able to amass a cumulative turnover of approximately 12,805,000 euros, a colossal sum during this period.

In March 1995, Dyson unveiled the DC02 which is none other than the successor to the DC01. In August of the same year, the company expanded and bought a factory larger than that of Chippenham in Malmsbury. She then obtained many orders from Japan for electronic products. It is estimated that the turnover in 1995 was around 39,203,000 euros.

After leaving Chippenham and settling in Malmesbury, this new factory, more productive and more efficient, was inaugurated by the Prince of Wales in person in 1996. After this inauguration, gradually began to create its subsidiaries all over the world.

Dyson on the international stage

After his transfer, Dyson branched out into Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, France or in Australia. In September 1996, Dyson decided to launch the DC02 Absolute. This product is the first vacuum cleaner that incorporates a HEPA filter as well as a bactericidal screen. It was presented at the International Design Festival held in Glasgow. A month later, the multinational strikes again by marketing limited editions of the DC01 and DC02 De Stilj.

In fact, it was a tribute to a Dutch design movement. This year’s turnover was around 81 million euros. Some time later, Dyson set up new subsidiaries in Turkey, Czech, New Zealand. She created the DC02 Recyclone. This is the first vacuum cleaner to be designed and manufactured entirely with recycled materials. Towards the end of 1997, Dyson would have achieved a turnover of 167,371,000 euros.

The following year (1998), the multinational opens its doors in Germany. April 1998, the DC02 was selected as one of the best products of the Millennium by a certain Tony Blair. Proud of its own success, Dyson launches the DC03. Then, another subsidiary was created in Spain and Japan. Before the end of the year, this company put the DC04 on sale. The turnover was then 213,427,000 euros. In 1999, this amount reached 359,456,000 euros.

Aspirateur robot Dyson 360 eye

The evolution of the brand since 2000

In November of the year 2000, Dyson launched the famous Contrarotator or CR01, it’s the first washing machine to be equipped with two drums which turn in the opposite direction. This system allows for faster and more thorough washing. And the expansion of this company does not stop since it extends in Italy, Denmark, Austria, Malaysia where a new factory is opened. It is also setting up its own space in Paris, the Dyson Demo , place where we exhibit our products.

The brand also announces the release of the most efficient brush vacuum cleaner on the market, the DC07, equipped with technology Root Cyclone. Some time after that, the DC08 is launched. This model turns out to be the first Canister vacuum equipped with the Root Cyclone but also the most popular from Dyson. After having expected its results in March 2003, this large company would have managed to sell up to 10 million vacuum cleaners all over the world.

In September 2003, the DC 11 Telescope was unveiled. In fact, this vacuum cleaner model was designed to be easily transportable, a winning formula for the brand. At the moment, Dyson announces that its famous digital engine has finally come of age. This is a brushless motor which will be referred to hereinafter as the Dyson Digital Motor or DDM. Small anecdote, a DC 07 with a height of 5.94 m was manufactured for the Discovery Channel program titled “Big”. This unique model is then the “Largest vacuum cleaner in the world”.

dyson pure cool summer

How does this company react to its competitors?

In the year 2005, this company produced the DC 15 which he nicknamed The Ball ”. After five years, Dyson released the « Air Multiplier » which is a fan without blades. She also throws the first hand dryers in history at that time. In 2013, the Dyson brand is present in 37 countries around the world. The sale of vacuum cleaners alone would generate a revenue of more than 3 million euros per year. It even exceeds Hoover in the United States while the latter was placed as leader in this country.

According to a survey of 24,400 users, Dyson vacuums are among the most reliable products along with those of Miele. Surveys also show that the brand’s vacuum cleaners are ranked second in terms of satisfaction. We then retain that Dyson’s two direct competitors remain Hoover and Miele on the international scene.

dyson lightcycle morph lighting in the living room

Is Dyson present in other sectors?

Recently in 2017, Dyson tried to break into the automotive industry by developing its own electric cars in 2020. Around 2.2 billion euros of investment plan would have been planned. The multinational has thus created a team of engineers and many players in the automotive industry of around 400 people.

The name Digital Motors was registered, and the models’ marketing in Asia would begin in 2021. However, this project was abandoned due to construction constraints because it was impossible to produce “solid” and reliable electric motors on such a scale. American and Chinese manufacturers have encountered many difficulties in carrying out this huge project, hence its abandonment in October 2019.

We also know that Dyson invests a lot of money, approximately 450 million euros, in development and research in various fields. It would even have 129 laboratories where about 2,500 engineers work permanently.

the dyson v7 vacuum cleaner on sale at darty

What are Dyson’s flagship products?

Dyson remains above all known for its many efficient and innovative products. However, the price of vacuum cleaners of this brand remains high in the market. For example, cordless vacuum cleaners Dyson V7 Motorhead are worth between 290 and 650 euros. These models remain autonomous, portable and powerful for optimal cleaning. They also have a fairly low noise level and offer smooth handling to the user.

Dyson stick vacuums were a revolution and are also very popular with consumers. We quote for example the ” Big Ball Multifloor » which remains a model very easy to hold in hand. The latter displays a high suction force while remaining ergonomic. The V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner is also on Dyson’s best product list. It has a very good battery life of 40 minutes to effectively clean every corner of your home.

There are also the Dyson air purifiers as the Pure Cool Link (around 413 euros), revolutionary fans like the Fan AMO7. The Supersonic hair dryer is also an invention of the brand with an estimated price of 349 euros.