July 29, 2021

Forbes lists billionaires at the head of NBA franchises | NBA

With the explosion in the value of sports franchises, it is not surprising to find the “Who’s Who” of owners in the 2016 ranking of the richest men in the world, produced by Forbes. No less than 63 billionaires own a sports team around the world. In total, 81 teams are involved in 11 different leagues.

The richest of all owns an NBA franchise. This is Steve Ballmer, owner of the LA Clippers and former boss of Microsoft, with an estimated fortune of $ 23.5 billion. He bought the California team in 2014 for a record $ 2 billion. This year, his estimated fortune soared by $ 2 billion due to the 18% rise in Microsoft’s share price on the stock market.

Steve Ballmer is this year the 26th richest man in the world, which means that no member of the Top 25 owns a sports team.

Michael Jordan, 1,577th world fortune

If the second in this ranking is for many an illustrious unknown (Mukesh Ambani, owner of a cricket team in India), the third is none other than Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft and owner of the Trail Blazers as well as Seattle Seahawks, in the NFL, with an estimated fortune of 17.5 billion.

The NBA is a real playground for billionaires: 20 teams are owned by members of this ranking. Among them, we find Stan Kroenke (7.7 billion), the owner of the Nuggets and the new Los Angeles Rams, in the NFL. He also owns the Colorado Avalanche in NHL, as well as the Colorado Rapids and the Arsenal team in football. Then follow Mikhail Prokhorov (7.6 billion, Nets), the first foreigner to have bought an NBA team, Micky Arison (7.1 billion, Heat), the Caribbean cruise magnate, and Charles Dolan (5 billion, Knicks). Even if it is his son James who manages the New York team.

As for Michael Jordan, who entered this very closed circle, he ranks this year in 1,577th position in total with a fortune estimated at 1.1 billion. Between the constant increase in the value of the Hornets and that of Jordan Brand, “His Airness” does not really have to worry about its wallet …

The richest man in sports isn’t involved in any franchising… but you see him everywhere. Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, with an estimated fortune of 24.4 billion, ranks 24th in the world.

The NBA ranking of billionaires:

  1. Steve Ballmer, Clippers: $ 23.5 billion
  2. Paul Allen, Blazers: May 17
  3. Stan Kroenke, Nuggets : 7.7
  4. Mikhail Prokhorov: 7.6
  5. Micky Arison, Heat : 7.1
  6. Charles Dolan, Knicks : 5
  7. Dan Gilbert, Cavaliers : 4.9
  8. Richard DeVos, Magic : 4.7
  9. Tom Gores, Pistons : 3.3
  10. Mark Cuban, Mavericks : 3.2
  11. Herb Simon, Pacers : 2.8
  12. Josh Harris, 76ers : 2.2
  13. Tom Benson, Pelicans : 2.2
  14. Robert Pera, Grizzlies : 2.0
  15. Glen Taylor, Timberwolves : 1.8
  16. Marc Lasry, Bucks : 1.7
  17. Gail Miller, Jazz : 1.4
  18. Jerry Reinsdorf, Bulls : 1.3
  19. Antony Ressler, Hawks : 1.1
  20. Michael Jordan : 1.1