July 24, 2021

In the vineyards of our region

Photo : Gunter Marx / Alamy Stock Photo

1. Okanagan Valley (British Columbia)
The Okanagan Valley stretches for over 250 km and features a host of climates and microclimates. It is therefore not surprising that there are both muscular reds, produced in the southern part, almost desert, and svelte and airy white wines in its northern part, around Kelowna. This is where Anthony von Mandl built Mission Hill, an imposing winery which attracts thousands of visitors every year. The terrace which overlooks the vineyards is a feast for the eyes! Offered for several years at the SAQ, the estate’s Pinot Blanc is even more mineral in 2014. Light without being tasteless, fresh and hyper-thirst-quenching.
MISSION HILL, Pinot blanc 2014, Five Vineyards (300301 ; 16,60 $)

2. Niagara (Ontario)
The Niagara Peninsula is now internationally recognized for the quality of its wines, especially its Chardonnays, which have won awards from great British and American critics. Between the villages of Beamsville and Jordan, the famous ” bench Is the meeting point for most Burgundy lovers, and several estates are devoted almost exclusively to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. That of Flat Rock Cellars is the epitome of supple pinot noir, delicate and bursting with flavors of strawberry and raspberry. Serve chilled around 15 ° C.
FLAT ROCK CELLARS, Pinot noir 2014, Twenty Mile Bench (12457307 ; 26,60 $)

3. Montérégie (Quebec)

The popularity ratings of the various wine tourism circuits in Quebec are unabated and most of the major estates open their doors to the public from June to October. In Brigham, in Montérégie, the Naud family takes the experience a little further at the Vignoble de la Bauge by offering to entertain children thanks to a “safari” of exotic animals, while parents indulge in a multisensory tasting. . A must stop if you are planning a family trip to the Townships. In the meantime, you will find at the SAQ this dry, frank and aromatic white wine, ideal to accompany asparagus from Quebec.
LA BAUGE VINEYARD, Equinox 2015 (13107157 ; 14,55 $)

4. Gaspereau River Valley (Nova Scotia)

A prime spot for observing spectacular tides, the Bay of Fundy also attracts a whole new type of tourist: the wine lover. Captivated by its relatively mild winter climate, a handful of serious investors have established vineyards on the shores of the Bay of Fundy and its tributaries. Among the essentials: Lightfoot & Wolfville – founded in 2009 – and Benjamin Bridge, where Quebec oenologist Jean-Benoît Deslauriers produces excellent sparkling wines, as well as this good wine with light alcohol (9.5%), tangy, rounded with a slight rest of sugar, which enhances its particular flavors of fir and Russet apple.
BENJAMIN BRIDGE, Tidal Bay 2015 (13108918 ; 22,95 $)