August 5, 2021

Salesforce France: the wave of departures peaks with the CEO

Salesforce France has separated from its general manager, in the line of departures within the upper echelons of the sales team,

“I am leaving a climate of mistrust to join a climate of trust. It is in these words that Denis Soupault announced in early March his arrival at UiPath. There, he took on the position of insurance and banking sales director for the French subsidiary.

A few weeks earlier, the person had formalized the end of his adventure at Salesforce France, where he held the same position.

Is this a forced departure? Difficult to say. Certain statements by Denis Soupault suggest a decision of their own free will. ” I’ve decided […] to leave Salesforce France in full 3rd [sic] wave of Covid, ”he explains, for example. Other comments sow more doubt. Especially when it comes to putting in the closet.

“The adventure ends for us and there are few survivors”, adds Denis Soupault in another post. This “we” includes, to use the words of the old Sybase, its ” partners in crime of the historic canal ”.

On the list, there is Yannis Daubin, former director of corporate sales. Having left in January, he rebounded at the head of the French subsidiary of ServiceNow. There are also Samuel Bonamigo and Maxime Laugier. The first was responsible for growth markets in EMEA. He moved to Google Cloud. The second managed large accounts in several sectors (telecoms, transport, energy, etc.). He set sail last November and took the reins of UiPath France.

Olivier Derrien is also leaving Salesforce France

Denis Soupault does not forget Olivier Derrien. The latter has also just left the ship, after a little over two years at the general management of Salesforce France. Former IBM, Business Objects and Oracle, he joined Marc Benioff’s firm in 2010 to lead activities in Southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Middle East, Maghreb).

In his case, we understand that this is a forced departure. “Salesforce having decided to continue its development without me, I had to […] with regret leaving my functions, ”summarizes Olivier Derrien, dating the end of his adventure on March 21.

Olivier Derrien rupture

Shortly after Olivier Derrien, it is Olivier Elbaz who formalized his end of career at Salesforce. He arrived in 2011 as an account manager in the financial services industry. Five years later, he had turned to Israel’s side, until he took over the direction of commercial activity.

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