July 25, 2021

Blake Griffin ignores Steve Ballmer then denies: “This is bullshit”

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Blake Griffin hurt the Clippers last night on his return to Staples Center. The player from Detroit thus scored 44 points, took 8 rebounds, delivered 5 assists… and put a nice wind in his former owner.

Blake Griffin performed like a man on a mission last night. Not surprising when you consider how he felt about being traded in Detroit just a short time after signing a big contract that was to make him a Clipper for many years. The strong winger had very badly experienced the exchange, refusing in particular to answer the phone calls of Doc Rivers and the management during the weeks which followed his trade.

Returning to the fold with a Pistons jersey on his shoulders, Griffin has not forgotten anything. In addition to contribute to the victory of the Pistons (109-104) with 44 points, he gave Clippers owner Steve Ballmer a nice breeze during the warm-up:

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After the game, Griffin obviously denied to the media:

“I’ve been doing this for years at the end of the warm-up. I make sure there is a way, I run and I don’t stop, you’ve seen me do this for a long time. I do not change [cette routine] for no one, so tweeting something like that is bullshit.

Reminder from a reporter, who asks Blake if he would shake hands with Steve Ballmer if he crossed paths:

“I am not here to answer hypothetical questions”

As a reminder, Blake Griffin has repeatedly shown he is a player particularly susceptible. No wonder, then, to see him take to heart what he experienced as a betrayal a few months ago. And if you still have doubts, here is the tweet he liked after the game:

Griffin certainly had the last word in a game he wanted to win at all costs. One more performance to add to the long list of “revenge games” that mark the history of the league.

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