July 25, 2021

Steam: Ubisoft plans to bring back its games if the Steam Deck is a success

Last week, Valve unveiled the Steam Deck, a console / portable PC capable of running all the games on its platform, something to delight nomadic players. The first copies of the machine will be delivered at the end of the year, and it obviously interests a few big names in the video game industry.

Tim Sweeney, Director ofEpic Games, has already praised the Steam Deck, and more recently, it was Yves Guillemot who also said a lot of good. The CEO ofUbisoft was talking to investors, and he said:

We are happy to see the Steam Deck come into the industry, it shows the continuous stream of new and very innovative hardware hitting the market.

A statement to say the least surprising, because Ubisoft has as a reminder turned his back on Steam to sell their games, favoringEpic Games Store whose shares returned to developers and publishers are greater, and of course its own platform Ubisoft Connect (formerly uPlay). However, Yves Guillemot does not close any door to Valve and Steam, he added:

We’ll be watching and seeing how big the Steam Deck will take, but if it’s big enough, we’ll be able to offer our games on it.

Soon a return of the games Ubisoft sure Steam ? It remains to be seen, the pre-orders of the Steam Deck, or at least the reservations, of the first wave of machines have exploded, but it will be necessary to wait for its real commercialization for the French studio to judge its popularity in the market. In the meantime, the next games ofwhere, it is only on theEpic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect. You can find a figurine Raving Rabbit in Sam Fisher at € 9.98 on Amazon.

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