Fatale: The movie on Netflix with Hilary Swank and the explanation of its end

Like many of the films released in 2020, Fatale has finally found audience recognition when it premiered this month in streaming format. Like countless feature films, the directed by Deon Taylor, it did not obtain great remunerations in the box office when being released in a year in which the cinemas, like all the public places around the world were emptied. Finding its oasis and the expected positioning when it recently premiered on Netflix and positioned itself within the Top 5 (in position number 4), within the Most viewed movies within the successful platform.

Psychological thrillers have penetrated audiences who, as we well know, have moved away from movie theaters and have found in our armchair the perfect opportunity to combat boredom. The success of narratives with twists of a screw and elaborate scripts has included a new (and at the same time old) section in modern cinema to make it clear that tension and mystery have managed to make psychological thrillers the most viewed within the premieres of Netflix month after month.

Fatale It is not only presumed as one of the films of the moment, despite its premiere at the end of last year, it presents itself as an option worthy of admiration by managing to combine elements such as the allusion to the classic thrillers of the 80s and 90s such as the great success Fatal Attraction with action components, influences of the dark movie and the performance of a great Hilary Swank and an unexpected Michael Ealy; all under the premise that in the end a great twist of the screw awaits us to surprise us.

The fleeting romance between Valerie and Derrick triggers several events that will undoubtedly surprise you in this impactful psychological thriller.


What is Fatale about?

We cannot say that the plot of Fatale be something really new. The classic story seen a million times in movie theaters about a cheating man and a fatal Woman in search of revenge, alludes both to the name of the film and to each of the cinematographic pieces that we have already seen. What is curious and interesting, beyond its weak synopsis, falls when finding the situations that weave this story with several unexpected twists to surprise any audience.

Everything starts when Derrick Tyler, A successful businessman makes a trip to Las Vegas, where after not going through the best moment of his marital relationship, he decides to go to a nightclub and, after meeting Valerie Quinlan, is unfaithful to his wife, spending the night with her. So far everything goes like any other infidelity movie, however the first of the many twists of this film occurs when when returning home, Derrick is involved in a robbery of his luxurious apartment in which he almost lost his life, Calling the police, he realizes that the detective in charge of the case is none other than Valerie herself. But don’t worry, this is just the beginning (without spoilers), the plot is woven into a level where it seems impossible to make one more twist.

Who stars in Fatale?

As we already mentioned, this movie stars Hilary Swank and Michael Ealy. The winner of Boys Don’t Cry and Million Dollar Baby, take the role of ‘villain’ or fatal Woman when playing Valerie Quinlan, in a role rarely seen in the American actress and for what she alludes to the empathy that one can have for the detective. “When you find a movie with this kind of twist where you can feel sympathy for the villain and understand where all the characters come from, you can’t help but be interested in it,” the Nebraska-born commented on her character to the Los Angeles Times.


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Fatale: The movie on Netflix with Hilary Swank and the explanation of its end