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The movie Titane is the new proposal from the French director Julia Ducournau. His return, after his debut in theaters with Crudo (Raw) in 2016, is marked by a daring, explicit and complex proposal. Titane, which triumphed at the Cannes Film Festival winning the best film award, will hit theaters in Spain on October 8, 2021. You can now read our review of the film Titane.


Alexia (Agathe Rousselle), a serial murderer who is forced to flee to avoid capture by justice, decides to pose as the son of a firefighter who has been missing for ten years. After changing his look, the firefighter welcomes Alexia thinking that he is his son.

Agathe Rousselle

Titane (2021) movie review by Julia Ducournau

Before we begin, it must be said that Titanium It is not a film for everyone, although, of course, it does not intend it. It is hard, intense and not suitable for soft stomachs. However, it is from that cult underground cinema that will almost certainly fascinate fans of directors such as David Cronenberg, of which there is a great aroma throughout most of the footage.

Scene from the Julia Ducournau movie
Scene from the Julia Ducournau movie

A proposal full of personality

With a lot of personality, the titane movie, when you have already established an interesting premise of psychokiller, explores gender identity, sexuality of Alexiao his relationship and form of behavior with another broken soul (that of the firefighter). The most natural thing would have been to delve into the character’s past background or the morality of the acts of his acts, as has been seen in the past in films such as Maniac (1980, William Lustig). In general, the novelty and freshness of that alternative direction is appreciated.

At times, yes, it leaves the feeling that more data and more background are needed to understand the background and the message that it wants to give us. For example, the seed is planted that there is something strange in the relationship of Alexia with his biological father, but it is never fully addressed, and surely necessary. Therefore, although risk is one of its virtues, sometimes the script of the titane movie it leaves too much in the air at the expense of interpretation, and therefore it does not end up being as “satisfactory” or round as it could have been.

Scene from the Julia Ducournau movie
Scene from the Julia Ducournau movie

Influences and rupture

At a structural level, Ducournau chooses to divide the titane movie in two parts quite clearly. On the one hand, as I mentioned before, a first half where he is dedicated to presenting Alexia, his way of being and his crimes. This is where we see the director reminding us of her style and showing her influences. Spoke of Cronenberg, but there are also high doses of Tarantino, for example, in the violent sequence in the house of his flirt, where he adds quite a few touches of black humor, or in the presentation, where he shows the exotic dance in the car.

Once she has shown this, the second section is where she decides to do things in a different way, adding all the drama with the curious father-son / daughter relationship with Vincent and the subtext on motherhood and gender identity. It maintains the viscerality and visual aggressiveness (even with careful and beautiful shots), since it is already its own brand, but it exploits it, leaving aside the murders to focus on the disturbances of the two main characters.

Vincent lindon
Vincent lindon

The performances and the cast

In the interpretive realm, the work is remarkable, with two main actors giving themselves completely. Agatha Rouselle it is Alexia, the protagonist, and manages to take advantage of a complex character, who undergoes a truly surprising physical transformation. Perhaps we are talking about a physical change of the level of what was seen in the already mythical The Machinist, where Christian Bale it passed into a practically skeletal state. Here, in addition to the merit of the actress, we must praise the makeup, which, in general, throughout the film is outstanding.

And as a deuteragonist, Vincent lindon What Vincent, which achieves an absolute emotional depth. His performance is magnificent, and he steals the spotlight from the character of Alexia on more than one occasion. One of the twists at the end relies heavily on his performance. Without it, it would have been difficult to buy.

They complete the cast, among others, Garance Marillier What Justine, Bertrand Bonello like the father of Alexia, and Miriem Akheddiou like the ex-wife of Vincent.

Titane film, winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival
Titane film, winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival

Final opinion of the movie Titane (2021)

The película Titanium (2021) it is aggressive, risky and violent, and, in general, that gives it a personality that makes the film a very interesting project. Unfortunately, he is sometimes overconfident in his style and leaves too much content for the subtext and performance, which can be disconcerting, and it doesn’t always work for him.

Premiere and Technical Sheet

Original title: Titanium
Gender: Thriller, Drama
Official site: Titane in cinemas
Country: France
Idiom: French
Release date in Spain: October 8, 2021 in theaters
Producer: Co-production France-Belgium; Kazak Productions, Frakas Productions
Distributor: Caramel Films
Duration: 108 min.
Year: 2021
Age rating: Not recommended for children under 18 years of age

Artistic file

Address: Julia Ducournau
Script: Julia Ducournau
Photography: Ruben Impens
Distribution: Vincent Lindon, Dominique Frot, Agathe Rousselle, Nathalie Boyer, Myriem Akeddiou, Théo Hellermann, Anaïs Fabre, Mehdi Rahim-Silvioli, Lamine Cissokho, Celine Carrère, Mara Cisse


Titane movie poster
Titane movie poster



The movie Titane is not for everyone, but it will dazzle people looking for a daring, complex and violent cinema.


She is risky and manages to leave a mark thanks to her strong personality.

Vincent’s character is very interesting.

Makeup, photography and soundtrack work.


Leave too many ideas to interpretation and subtext without giving enough information.

Although violence and gore is one of its hallmarks, the lack of information and background make it sometimes a little gratuitous.

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Film directed by Julia Ducournau