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Blindspot”, A series created by Martin Gero and starring Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton, came to an end on Thursday, July 23, 2020, in the same way it began: with Jane stuffed in a bag in the middle of Times Square. The NBC fiction was released in September 2015 and spanned 100 chapters divided into five seasons.

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In the last chapters of the final installment of “BlindspotIt was revealed that Patterson was not dead. In fact, he took advantage of the confusion to secure the downfall of Madeline Burke. However, the CEO of HCI Global poisoned herself and died before revealing the location of the containers of ZIP, the drug that was administered to Jane to erase her memories.


Despite the fact that Jane and Weller successfully defused the ZIP bomb that Ivy Sands had left in New York, the protagonist of “Blindspot“She was poisoned and not even Patterson’s antidote could save her, due to the large doses of ZIP she had been exposed to in the past.

Jane started having hallucinations due to the ZIP bomb (Photo: NBC)

Consequently, Jane began to suffer from hallucinations, in them she saw people from her past, including Roman, Shepherd, Dr. Borden and others. Fear gripped Jane as she felt close to death, however, noticing that the hallucinations were helping her stop Ivy, she decided not to receive the second dose of antidote.

Jane succeeded, but it was too late for her and she succumbed to ZIP poisoning. Because Blindspot”It ended the same way it began, with the protagonist in a bag, although this time the police were keeping her body in a body bag. Is she really dead?

Jane used her hallucinations to trap Ivy (Photo: NBC)
Jane used her hallucinations to trap Ivy (Photo: NBC)


In an interview with TVLine, series creator Martin Gero shared some details about the shocking ending of the show NBC. For example, he said that he had many of the ideas from the beginning.

“Certainly, there were elements of the ending that I had in my head that are part of the show, mainly going back to Times Square. But the exciting thing about working on a TV show is that when you start, it’s just you. It’s you, alone, in a room, and then thousands of other people come into contact with him and add his incredible intelligence and artistry. It would be foolish not to let the show grow in directions it hadn’t anticipated to accommodate its incredible ideas. So parts of it, absolutely. But this really is a collective achievement of the room, ”explained Gero.

About the dinner scene Jane said: “I think there is no correct interpretation of it. Obviously I have my intention, and I and the writers have a strong idea of ​​what we believe. But we wanted it to be a Rorschach test and I can’t believe how effective it is. Fifty percent of the people [que vieron el final antes de tiempo] they think she is definitely alive, and 50 percent of people think she is definitely dead. We wanted it to be everything to everyone. [Risas] We wanted to do the things that we wanted to do, but we also knew that there were some things that fans desperately wanted to see, at least for a moment on the show. We made a big list and said: OK, at the end of our dream, what is all we could include? ‘ And then we try to honestly put in as much of that as possible, as you can see. It is a very complete episode. But we wanted everyone to have an ending that they could feel good about at the end of 100 episodes. “

When asked about the ambiguous ending, she indicated: “I won’t talk if she’s dead or not, but I think ambiguous endings… here’s the thing. This will not be an ambiguous ending for most people. Most people will believe it is one way or another and will have evidence from both sides to make that case. What we tried to do was, yeah, it’s ambiguous if you take a step back. But actually, the viewing experience will be very clear one way or another. “

Opinions are divided as to whether Jane is dead or not (Photo: NBC)
Opinions are divided as to whether Jane is dead or not (Photo: NBC)



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FINAL Blindspot: explanation of the last chapter of the series | What happened and what does it mean | Jane died? | Ending Explained | FAME