First the witnesses and then the suspects: capital gains case, the calendar of the Public Prosecutor’s Office

The next to be heard will be the secretary and the head of the Under 23 team. There are currently no calls for Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved and Fabio Paratici

It will be a busy week for the
prosecutors of the “Prisma” investigation. A week that opened yesterday afternoon with the Arrivabene hearing and that will continue with the others who will be heard as people informed about the facts. The first was the sporting director Federico Cherubini, listened to for over 9 hours on Saturday afternoon, the next could be Paolo Morganti, who acts as secretary in the Juventus club. In the next few days it will be the turn of Giovanni Manna, head of the Under 23 team (many suspicious transactions concern young people) and probably also Cesare Gabasio, a lawyer who has been responsible for Juventus’ legal affairs since 2021 and reports directly to Andrea Agnelli. Gabasio would have been brought up by an interception (the one in which we talk about the private writing with Cristiano Ronaldo) and for this reason the investigators could have an interest in summoning him.

After the people left out of the investigation it will be up to the suspects, even if it is not certain that the prosecutors decide to question them all. The Turin public prosecutor’s offices show that Stefano Bertola and Marco Re, former Chief Corporate & Financial Officer and former financial manager, have already been called to present themselves, as well as Stefano Cerrato, who is the current Chief Corporate & Financial Officer of Juve. However, Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved and Fabio Paratici have not yet been summoned: the Prosecutor could also choose not to call them. The lawyer who will defend Agnelli, Davide Sangiorgio, will be the same as Paratici. The times will not be long: the aim is to close the interrogations in 15 days and the investigation phase within a month. Meanwhile, yesterday, on the first day of trading (which also coincided with the start of the 400 million capital increase), after the start of the investigation, the Stock Exchange recorded a collapse: stopped and then readmitted to negotiations, the value of the share fell by 7.5% to then recover something and close at 0.43 euros (-6.3%) more or less at the same time in which, in Turin, the managing director Arrivabene left the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the end of the interrogation.

The club remains calm and confident of being able to clarify everything, convinced that it has acted in compliance with the rules. After speaking to the team on Saturday during Juventus-Atalanta, yesterday morning Agnelli gathered the employees, including Massimiliano Allegri and the other members of the technical staff, at Continassa, as told by the Juventus coach himself in the press conference for Salernitana-Juventus to reassure them. The coach spoke of the possible repercussions on the team: “It’s not that we isolate ourselves, we are inside Juventus. The president spoke to the employees and on Saturday to the team. He reassured us.” Valentina Vezzali, undersecretary for sport, also spoke about the capital gains affair in her speech at the 21st Luiss Sports Festival. “The investigation is running its course, let’s see what will happen. Let’s wait”,
he said from Rome.

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First the witnesses and then the suspects: capital gains case, the calendar of the Public Prosecutor’s Office