Inter, now it’s up to Dumfries. Last call for the Dutchman?

The former PSV will replace the injured Darmian on the right. December decisive to convince Inzaghi and the management after the summer bet

At Inter home, it’s time for Dumfries. The muscle injury that blocked Darmian offers the Dutchman the perfect opportunity to prove what he’s made of. Perhaps the last chance to repay the confidence placed in the summer by the Nerazzurri management, convinced that the 25-year-old from Rotterdam could fill (at least in part) the void left by Hakimi. The next engagements, starting with the match against Spezia and the clash with Roma next weekend, can represent the decisive watershed for the winger that this summer had certainly not arrived to make the reserve, but that in the hierarchies of the coach he soon slipped behind Darmian. Now the time is almost up and for Dumfries the time has come for the so-called final exams.


On the other hand, the big opportunity comes exactly one month after the opening of the winter transfer market, when the Nerazzurri could also decide to revise their summer plans (with the Nandez hypothesis always in the background). The Dutchman had arrived in Milan with the label of undisputed owner, but the first third of the season said quite the opposite. The former PSV has only started three times in the championship, where he has made eleven appearances, but with an average of just 37 ‘scarce per game. A little better in the Champions League (64 ‘on average), but only twice out of four from the first minute. A little because of his demerits, thanks to the initial difficulties of acclimatization, but above all due to the merits of the former Parma, capable of interpreting the Inzaghian score in the best possible way. But in the Nerazzurri there is still confidence, because the Dutchman has shown potential, character and desire to learn.


Inzaghi has enough reasons to trust Dumfries’ breakthrough. First of all, despite the lack of employment in the Nerazzurri, the Rotterdam winger made the most of his opportunities in the national team: in the last four World Cup qualifying matches of the Netherlands, he always made a strong presence without skipping a minute. In addition to collecting a goal and an assist, he has always garnered votes over 6.5, being among the best in the field in the last two decisive games against Montenegro and Norway. Clear signals from the Dutchman, who certified his professionalism and the ability to stay on top. Now it is a question of making that qualitative leap in the Nerazzurri, demonstrating that he has assimilated the schemes and mechanisms of Inzaghi.


Yes, because, in the 3-5-2 inzaghiano, that of the outsiders is a fundamental role to guarantee the right amount of balance between the need for constant thrust and the need to always guarantee adequate coverage behind. The former PSV has so far shown flaws in the coded movements when it comes to folding and climbing, while in the push phase it must improve for insertion times and choices in the last step. But in the meantime he has worked hard with the coach and his staff, who in recent weeks have perfected an ad hoc program to fill in the tactical gaps. The Dutchman underwent additional training sessions precisely to accelerate growth in those fundamentals in which so far he has shown more flaws, both in defensive and offensive phases. But the time of the lessons is over, the turning point may be around the corner. For Dumfries it is time to give answers and take Inter Milan.

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Inter, now it’s up to Dumfries. Last call for the Dutchman?