Juve no longer scores: it is the worst attack of the new millennium

So far only 18 goals in 14 days, third game this season without goals scored: Cristiano Ronaldo was not replaced, he started again from those who were already there (with a different role) without rethinking a new idea of ​​attack

The symbolic image is Alvaro Morata who, five minutes from the end, with Juve still dry, comes out to the whistles of the Allianz Stadium. It certainly did not shine, quite the contrary. However, he has a (deserved) reputation for being generous who works for others. But they were whistles of strict responsibility, to an attack that in the last four games – Fiorentina, Lazio, Chelsea, Atalanta – scored only one goal from action, that of Cuadrado (attack so to speak …) in the recovery of the game with the Viola.


The abacus updated, indeed not updated after the night in white, says that the goals scored after 14 days are 18: never had there been so few in the new millennium, for a lower figure we have to go back to 1999. The one with Atalanta (the most generous defense among the top five in the standings, numbers in hand) was the third game of the season without goals scored for Juventus: the second home after Empoli, the second consecutive after Chelsea. Without absences: no one is missing up front. This is simply the attack, literally. That is a department that has lost a man by 101 goals in three seasons (33.7 on average) and replaced him with Kean and Kaio Jorge. For the rest, the same men as before: used to being functional to a first violin that is not there today (anymore).


It is the story of Alvaro Morata’s career, whose most prolific years were in the service of Cristiano Ronaldo, in 2016-17 and last season. It is the well-established version of Paulo Dybala, who after his first year at Juve as a prima donna has always had (from Higuain to Ronaldo) another high-level partner to lean on, sometimes exalting himself in this capacity confirming himself as a star, others less. And it is, in a different sense, also the path of Federico Chiesa, who is not even the catalyst of what is produced by others simply because he is an autonomous republic that finalizes what it produces and produces what it finalizes (and it is in this, in the active interaction with his teammates, which Allegri has identified as his growth margin).


In a glorious history like that of Juventus, it is not and could not be the first time in which we found ourselves leaving after the farewell of the sun around which everything revolves, but every time, even with the necessary time, we managed to restart on different bases: via Vialli and Ravanelli arrived Vieri and Zidane, via Vieri arrived Inzaghi, via Inzaghi and Zidane arrived Nedved, Buffon and Thuram. Or more recently via Vidal and Tevez arrived Dybala, Pjanic and more, via Pogba here is Higuain. And we could go on. This time Ronaldo left, not only did the substitute not arrive, but neither was an idea of ​​a different team redesigned without him going beyond the desire to start again from those who were already there.


Understandably, the priority of the Allegri-bis foundations went to the reconstruction of the defensive certainties, which by now could be said to be almost achieved had it not been for the sinking of Stamford Bridge. But if this had to mean completely abandoning the development of a game proposal through which to create scoring chances (the ones you need to win), the choice turned out to be just as deadly. Yet the analysis remains another: “We little capitalize on what we create – Allegri said after Atalanta -. Morata has always scored goals, Dybala has always scored, Chiesa has always scored, McKennie has scored, we have players who score goals and at the moment we don’t do them “. Certainly it is a Juve too bad to be true, unless the time comes to say that this is the real Juve.

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Juve no longer scores: it is the worst attack of the new millennium