Free Guy: 10 Real Games That Are Most Similar To Free City

Free Guy is a 2021 delve into the world of video games being represented in a movie format. It has the luxury of being its own entity rather than being an adaptation of an already existing game and world, giving it the freedom to be whatever it wants to be. However, the game that the film focuses on, Free City, does still draw inspiration from a number of pre-existing games— from the locale and characters to the weapons and general activities on show.

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Some of these influences are more prominent and obvious than others, but every single one is still a fun nod to different areas of the gaming industry.

10 Fortnite References Are Scattered Throughout Free City

Fortnite cannot be directly compared to Free City in regards to the game’s purpose or location, but it is actively referenced on several occasions. From in-game characters re-enacting Fortnite emotes such as various dances, to Millie and Guy escaping on a Fortnite-style glider, it is obvious that Fortnite played a part in inspiring and the forming of Free City.

While Fortnite is a Battle Royale, it utilizes both player versus player and player versus AI, which is a concept that Free City also makes use of. Both also have extensive skin libraries for both player and NPC.

9 Sunset Overdrive’s Vibrancy & Limitless Energy Is Similar To That Of Free City

Sunset City, the setting for Sunset Overdrive, is essentially a dystopian version of Free City. The fast-paced gameplay is supported by a lack of cover-taking mechanics, pushing the player to use momentum to embrace the generally frenetic and chaotic pace of the game.

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Hordes of mutant enemies aside, the general aesthetic has an essence of Free City to it, even if the art style can’t be directly compared to that of Free Guy. Shots of the player racing or ziplining through explosions perfectly encapsulate an unstable world, and Free City can certainly also relate to that.

8 Red Dead Redemption Has An Expansive World That No Doubt Inspired The Western Aspects Of Free City

Red Dead Redemption falls into a different genre to Free City, in terms of it being a focused Western in a different time setting, compared to Free City’s mashup of varying genres in a modern age.

However, with Red Dead Redemption being a Rockstar creation like Grand Theft Auto, there will always aspects that can be compared to others. From customizable characters to the more obvious criminal activities— and more specifically, heists. The Red Dead Redemption series of games have always looked at adding more complex NPCs and AI to make more of an immersive experience for the player, which is another reason why it can compared with Free City.

7 Yakuza Is A Look At Organized Crime Similar To The Unruly Chaos Of Free City

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The concept of games like Free City, Grand Theft Auto, and Saints Row is for the player to role-play and partake in a life full of crime with no real consequence. Yakuza is another game franchise that falls into this category, but it has its restrictions.

Unlike the chaotic destruction that falls within Free City, Yakuza is more of a look into the life of organized crime, driven by intriguing stories more so than missions and side-quests in the name of getting rewards. Free City may well have direction in the form of quests, but the general stakes of the game are never seen as being that important or complex— unlike its NPCs.

6 Sleeping Dogs Is As Martial Arts-Heavy As Open World Games Come

When Guy learns to get better at the game of Free City and levels up, he continues to grasp combat and is quickly called into action when he re-joins Millie, also known as Molotov Girl. The martial arts-inspired combat can be likened to many different video games, but Sleeping Dogs is more martial arts-oriented than most.

The combat in Sleeping Dogs is fast-paced and brutal, requiring the player to utilize the environment in order to gain any sort of advantage.  Free City can also be similarly unforgiving, but when Millie and Guy face the more accomplished fighters, they are high-leveled enough to cope with it.

5 The Just Cause Games Are As Frantic & Destructive As Free City

When talking about the movie Free Guy, chaos is a word that is going to be thrown about many times. Guy’s normal daily routine not only consists of bank robberies, but he is often being hit by people, cars, trains, and explosives, to name a few.

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The Just Cause games have always been best described using the same word: Chaos. They are fast paced, and while the stories can be compelling at times, the main takeaway from each game is generally gameplay-related. As frequent as explosions are in Free Guy, they are arguably even more prevalent in Just Cause.

4 The Introduction Of Hacking With Watch Dogs Adds A Level Of Unpredictability That Rivals Free City

The concept of hacking in a Sandbox game was introduced with Watch Dogs. While most games in the genre are already fast paced and unpredictable, the hacking in Watch Dogs takes it to a whole new level, causing almost unprecedented things to happen.

Hacking in the Watch Dogs series isn’t exclusively about chaos and head-on combat however, as it also accommodates for new ways to be stealthy when approaching a mission. Although the main takeaway of Free City is that it is usually used by players to be the worst versions of themselves with loud gunfire, it does still have elements of stealth— namely when Millie attempts to break into a compound. Watch Dogs also offers both different approaches.

3 The Payday Games Focus On Bank Heists, Part Of The Day Job For Guy

The repetition of Guy’s life until he decides to fight back against the game sees him working at a bank and consistently having to deal and cooperate with players robbing it.

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Naturally this bears comparison to any games that involve heists, and although GTA is undoubtedly the most well-known, Payday 2 focuses solely on the heist aspect of being a criminal. Although the player isn’t limited to robbing banks in Payday with the likes of shops and armored cars also being possibilities, this is still the main focus, drawing direct comparisons to Guy’s day job.

2 The Limitless Possibilities Of GTA Influence Most New Games In Some Way

Grand Theft Auto isn’t named after a club, character, or story-related concept— it is literally named after a crime. Over the various iterations of the game within the franchise, players have been able to steal cars, cause explosions, plan heists, and various other criminal activities. There are hopes that any future versions of the game will improve and feature even more of the same vein.

With more popular editions than not, GTA has reached a level where it is seen as the benchmark for any free roam game, movie, or series that bears any resemblance to crimes taking place in a bustling city. Therefore, those that watch Free Guy will instantly think of GTA, particularly during the first half of the movie due to the constant destruction and disregard for the game’s NPCs.

1 Saints Row Takes The Concept Of GTA & Cranks It Way Up On The Chaos Scale

The Saints Row franchise has not necessarily been as popular as Grand Theft Auto over the years, but it can not be accused of being a carbon copy. Saints Row has always been a wackier and more outlandish take on GTA, at times almost parodying itself.

Whether it is in Stilwater from the first two games; Steelport from The Third and IV; or New Hades from Gat out of Hell; Saints Row has always brought the chaos to gamers worldwide. Such chaos is on full display in Free Guy, and while GTA is the most obvious comparison due to popularity, Saints Row goes that extra level beyond, suggesting it could easily be the next game from Taika Waititi’s Antwan in Free Guy.

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