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Guy lives in Free City, a violent video game city without rules where anything goes. She is happy doing exactly the same thing every day, but she has a dream: to find the love of her life. And this love will appear when Molotov, a player, crosses his path in the most unexpected way. As a consequence, Guy decides to break his routine and do different things, gradually becoming a super character who rebels against the codes of the video game he is part of.


An unconventional superhero

The end of summer offers us the premiere of Free Guy, movie directed by Shawn Levy, a prolific director in the comedy genre, with some popular titles like Pure steel, Fellows or the three deliveries of A night at the museum. Like many other films that this year are seeing the light, the premiere of this blockbuster was initially scheduled for 2020 but the well-known health situation has caused it to be postponed until this summer.

Free Guy It is a product specially designed for the youth and adolescent public. They will quickly see that the Free City video game becomes suspiciously familiar, with much resemblance to the well-known Fortnite O GTA. But Free Guy also reminds movies like The Truman Show O Ready Player One, although it does not have the depth of the first, but it is at the visual height of the second.

The main actors accompany the rhythm of the film very well, highlighting above all its protagonist, Ryan Reynolds, who plays Guy, an NPC (non playable character) in the world of video games who decides to go it alone. Serve a mere clarification to put us in context: the NPCs are those filler characters that appear in video games with which the protagonist can interact, generally for things not very uplifting (he can kill them, run them over and do a lot of dogging). Apart from the cast of main actors, it is worth noting a stellar cameo that will undoubtedly provoke laughter from the public.

The film is built around 3 intertwined stories: the growth of the character of Guy, who decides to go his own way within the video game and is acquiring more and more skills, making a place for himself as the main character; the love story between Guy and the player Molotov; and the business plot that affects the future of Free City gaming. AND Throughout the entire film we will see the interaction between the real world and the fictional world of video games.

In the inner rebellion that Guy experiences, and in which Molotov has a lot to do, we see an NPC who happens to be a main character, a true hero. He wants to be his best version to deserve Molotov’s love and to take care of his people, his community of NPC characters in the game. But this freedom that gives the film its name, Free Guy, a “free guy” could be translated into Spanish, it smells quite like a cheap self-help manual and does not delve into the roots of that freedom and that inner growth. And it is that deep down, we cannot ask too much of a secondary video game character.

In the love story between Guy and Molotov, reality and video game are confused, recalling this part of the masterful film Her, which deals with this subject in much more depth.

The business plot and the struggle between the programmers and the director of the company is the most interesting part of the whole film; there, he perfectly connects the combination of reality and video game, with the participation of Guy, to try to find the famous code and save the original game.

During the almost two hours of film, which does not last long, we will see images of young players and YouTubers pending the evolution of Guy and his effort to save Free City. It is a fact that our children and young people invest more and more time in online entertainment, and Free Guy clearly shows this reality with some funny scenes. He does not denounce it but makes it evident.

In summary, Free Guy It is a light film for young audiences; is hooligan, funny, with many nods to culture gaming and youtuber current, with a lot of action and music based on current songs that accompany all the footage very well. It is a product of pure entertainment but very ambitious, whose high expectations should be confirmed in the box office figures, with permission from the health situation.


Free Guy
  • Original title: Free Guy
  • Address: Shawn Levy
  • Screenplay: Matt Lieberman, Zak Penn
  • Country: USA
  • Year: 2021
  • Duration: 115 min.
  • Gender: Fantastic
  • Interpretation: Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, Lil Rel Howery, Taika Waititi
  • Producer: Berlanti Productions, 20th Century Studios
  • Song: Christophe Beck
  • Photography: George Richmond
  • Premiere in Spain: August 18, 2021

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