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Alan Moore brings out the masked superheroes, Ryan Reynolds embarks on a wacky new comedy, ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ is extended with eight hours of extra gameplay, Herbert West never tires of reviving corpses. Let it not be said that because it is in August we are going to spend the weekend with our arms crossed.

‘The Show’

A overwhelming mix of comedy, magic and sheer eccentricity in what is the first original screenplay by master Alan Moore for film, that leaves no head puppet in an acid noir set in his eternal hometown of Northampton. Moore attacks even masked superheroes, how could it be less, with the story of a detective hired to find a missing jewel, a mission for which he will have to survive mobsters who practice voodoo and the occasional vampire. Available on Filmin until August 26.

‘Free Guy’

In the final stretch of a summer that little by little begins to resume the customs of the billboards full of great premieres, this Action comedy that satirizes all the clichés, customs and nonsense typical of video games. A kind of virtual ‘The Truman Show’ in which Ryan Reynolds is a secondary pupa in any video game who realizes his condition as an inhabitant of a world ruled by others and decides to take the reins.

‘Fabricated City’

Curiously in tune with ‘Free Guy’, this Korean production portrays a virtual world, but from the other side: that of a gamer of success who is actually an unemployed young man without much benefit. When he is mistakenly accused of robbing a bank, he will use his wits and that of his fellow digital wanderers to prove his innocence, in a hodgepodge of drama. teen, comedy and action very Korean taste.

‘Battlebots’ (Season 1 and 2)

Tremendous robotic skirmishes in a mix of reality, contest and wrestling broadcast whose first two seasons (one of 6 and the other of 11 episodes) are now coming to Netflix. From the construction of the fearsome ingenuities to their confrontation with grease and steel in apocalyptic rings, in a series not recommended for fans of ‘Short Circuit’.

Podcast: ‘Crimes. The musical’

El Extraordinario is a repository of excellent quality podcasts that so far only have three programs running, but all three are highly recommended. ‘Vacunas’ reviews the history of these drugs in an entertaining way, with a lot of data and an informative approach; ‘The fucking human condition’ talks about topics as varied as the echo, the smell or the garbage, often with very interesting scientific touches; but our favorite is’ Crimes. The musical ‘, a compilation of mythical crimes of the Spanish black chronicle, with an approximation between the sociological, the forensic and the morbid.

‘Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut’

A great opportunity to expand the experience of what was the last Playstation 4 blockbuster, an excellent adventure, with an impeccable atmosphere and aesthetics, which took the player to feudal Japan to face a historic Mongol invasion alone. This new version can be purchased independently or used to increase the initial game by 19.99 euros and includes, in addition to abundant technical improvements for PS5, a DLC with a new island with an additional eight hours of gameplay.

  • Now on sale for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5

‘Twelve Minutes’

The indie sensation of the moment is this gem from the creative Luis Antonio and Annapurna Interactive in which, under the format of an interactive thriller, we will meet a man locked in an infinite time loop, in which he will have to navigate to solve a mystery because of which his wife has received a terrible beating. Accessible in terms of use, but with a convoluted solution, its enigmas will have you captivated for days.

  • On sale now for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC

‘Road 96’

The director of the remembered ‘Valiant Hearts’ presents an ambitious indie production in which you will have to hitch a ride from a sinister country. The novelty is that here roads and landscapes are procedurally generated, so no two trips are the same. Each trip or escape lasts between thirty and sixty minutes and will have to make decisions that affect means of transport, interactions with other characters and puzzles to be solved.

  • On sale now for Nintendo Switch and PC

‘Axiom Verge 2’

Although it made its debut a couple of weeks ago, we can’t resist bringing this rabidly indie delicacy back (it is programmed, like its predecessor, by a single person, Thomas Happ) and that recovers the pixelated flavor of 16-bit adventures. With a typically metroidvania exploration mechanic, we leave the setting of furious science-fiction to enter a more dreamlike environment and typical of more suggestive fantasies, with jumps between real, virtual and dream worlds.

  • On sale now for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and PC

‘UFO: Mythology of an emergency’ (Pablo Vergel and Félix Ruiz Herrera)


An essay that It does not intend to explain UFOs, but to delve into their mythology: what is behind our fascination with them? Why did they arise at a very specific and significant time in American history? What does the year 1947 mean? Are sightings no longer being experienced? For this, popular cases such as those of Kenneth Arnold, Adamsky, Shaver, Hill, Strieber, or Mothman are analyzed, in a fascinating journey through the impact of flying saucers on 20th century urban mythology.

UFO: Mythology of an Emergency

UFO: Mythology of an Emergency

‘Science fiction. Utopia and market ‘- Pablo Capanna

Screenshot 2021 08 20 To S 19 20 36

A historical book, Essential both for those interested in gender and for students of the history of cultural analysis. This volume was originally published in 1966 under the title ‘The sense of science fiction’ and was a pioneer in giving meaning, for the first time in Spanish, to a set of books that remained orphaned of global coherence and unitary meaning. This version is corrected and enlarged to adapt it to the new times.

Science fiction.  Utopia and market.

Science fiction. Utopia and market.

‘Golden Needles’ (Michael McDowell)

Unnamed 13

A dark fantasy (without overtly supernatural elements, but that are palpable in the environment) at the hands of the one who was a screenwriter for Tim Burton films like ‘Bitelchús’ or ‘Nightmare before Christmas’. Here we enter the so-called Black Triangle of New York, an area of ​​opium dens, seedy gambling dens and misery, dominated by the Black matriarch Lena Shanks. But the ruthless Judge James Stallworth has decided that the time has come to end his empire of crime.

‘Herbert West – Fresh meat’ (Rodrigo López and LucianoSaracino)

Herbert West Fresh Meat

If, like us, you are devoted to the post-mortem outrages of HP Lovecraft’s most popular satirical creation, Dr. Herbert West (better known as El Reanimador), this comic created by two great figures of Latin American comics is for you. Drawing from the stories of Lovecraft, this volume takes up the iconic mad doctor to show again why it is not convenient to play God.


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‘Free Guy’, ‘Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut’, lovecraft and much more – nonenglishfeed