from loser to irresistible hunk

It’s been more than three years since it was released Fifty Shades Freed , the third part of the trilogy in which she once again drove the women of the world crazy with her portrayal of Christian Gray, the character emerged from the feverish imagination of EL James that generated a true revolution among some women after being published in 2011. For to win the role Jamie Dornan had to convince the author herself, the executives of New Line Cinema and the director Sam Taylor-Johnson that he was the right actor to play the confident executive who does not hesitate to win over Dakota Johson, to make him known the complex world of sadomasochism.

But today, having been so much closer to who he really is in one of his later roles, Jamie has dared to admit that in his teens he was an absolute loser when it came to women. Is that in An irish song , John Patrick Shanley’s own screen adaptation of his own Broadway play, Dornan plays a farmer who never dares to declare love to his neighbor, a role played by Emily Blunt, who nevertheless never You get tired of showing him that you are very interested in having a romantic relationship with him.

Jamie Dorman and Emily Blunt star in ‘An Irish Song’

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“I wish they had persecuted me like that when I was younger”, admits amused Dornan in an interview to promote that film and adds: “I just didn’t have any confidence in myself when it came to talking to girls. I admired my friends who came up to them in bars and started chatting with them like nothing. I remember asking them what they said to make them laugh like that, because I didn’t understand how they did it. I would have needed a girl who behaved like Emily’s character, to point out to me very clearly that I was the one she wanted, because I didn’t understand anything about courtship and nobody approached me. Luckily when I met my wife, it all happened in a very casual way, I didn’t have to chase him and she didn’t have to chase me, “he says in reference to Amelia Warner, the British actress, musician and composer with whom he got engaged in 2012 , he married in 2013 and with whom he has three girls.

Jamie Dornan and his wife, Amelia Warner

Jamie Dornan and his wife, Amelia Warner

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I didn’t understand anything about the courtship until I met my wife ”, says the interpreter of ‘An Irish Song’

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Certainly, when Amelia Warner met him, he was no longer doing so badly with the girls, since in 2003 he became involved with Keira Knightley, with whom he dated for two years. However, Dornan maintains that he became the man he sure is today after falling in love with Amelia: “When you find love, and particularly now that I have girls, it is when you suddenly feel that you have a purpose in life,” he explains and then elaborates: “In your twenties you have a lot of fun but you are not clear on things until you are in a serious relationship. When the children arrive, you have to make decisions taking them into account. This is how you acquire security, because you are no longer doing things for yourself, but for others. And so it is today, every decision I make is for my family. I love that it is like this. I always knew that one day I would get married and be a father. There are people who resist that, but in my case it was never like that. That is the reason why today I feel much more sure of myself, because I have a family ”.

Although it has not gone bad at all after the cycle of Christian Gray was closed, his fame has not been the same. Although he participated with Rosamund Pike in The correspondent , the film for which the British and Annie Lennox earned Golden Globe nominations, had a supporting role in the latest version of Robin Hood starring Taron Egerton and headlined the cast of the HBO TV movie My dinner with Hervé , about the co-star of The fantasy island , Hervé Villechaize, none had much luck with the public. The actor born in Northern Ireland 39 years ago, who began his career as a model, premiered this year in the United States a comedy in which he shared the bill with Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, Barbie and Star go to Vista del Mar , which happened without pain or glory.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in '50 Shades Freed '

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in ’50 Shades Freed ‘


Maybe everything will change when in the remaining months of 2021 it opens Belfast , a drama written and directed by Kenneth Branagh in which he has the title role and is accompanied by the star of Outlander , Catriona Balfe and her compatriot Ciarán Hinds. Or maybe he will meet again with success with The tourist , the miniseries co-produced between HBO and the BBC that is currently filming in Australia and in which he plays a British tourist who has lost his memory.

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from loser to irresistible hunk