July 28, 2021

AVE burglar alarm with smart IoT control panels

Ideal for wireless / wired solutions, smart IoT intrusion control panels offer one platform integrated with AVE home automation and the relative app, and include advanced test and monitoring functions, even remotely, for quick and precise installation.

The range AVE burglar alarm is proud of two smart IoT control panels complete with Wi-Fi module and web server, developed to interface perfectly with the domotica AVE, sharing with it asingle integrated platform with the same method of use and programming of the home automation supervisors. Not only that, these devices are easily controllable from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets (or from a PC or any device with a web browser via an internet page) through theapp AVE Cloud which allows a unified and simplified management of the home automation and anti-intrusion system with:

  • Personalized PUSH notifications for various events (alarms, faults, etc.
  • Real-time display and management of the control panel
  • Viewing the images of the IP cameras connected to the control panel (up to 4)

In detail, it is about two radio / wire intrusion control panels (code AF927PLUS and AF927PLUSTC) able to manage until 99 detectors radio and 16 wired peripherals (with double function), where the AF927PLUSTC model uses one 7 “color touch screen, replaced by a Multifunction LED on the AF927PLUS control unit. Both share the same innovative specifications and functions to create a mixed radio / wire solution state-of-the-art through a bidirectional dual band radio system with GFSK digital modulation for greater safety and reliability of operation.

Even the remote controller is innovative and embellished with smart functionality customizable (up to 6), with the possibility, in the presence of a home automation supervisor in the system, to call up home automation scenarios (can also be configured by means of a daily time programmer).

For a correct protection of the premises AVE proposes a wide range range of detectors and peripherals by radio manageable by the AF927PLUS and AF927PLUSTC control units:

  • Volumetric PIR detectors with extensive adjustment possibilities
  • Curtain effect detectors with double PIR for the protection of passages
  • Multifunction perimeter detectors with magnet contact, 2 auxiliary inputs and magnetic anti-tamper
  • Interface for technical alarms for the connection of any detector with potential free contact (e.g. gas detectors etc.)
  • Siren with voice messages and possibility to select the optical and / or luminous signal independently for the various events

The result is an extremely anti-intrusion system flexible, reliable and safe, conformable to any system need. For quick and precise installation, the smart IoT panels offer the installer advanced testing and monitoring functions, even remotely thanks to the unified AVE Cloud platform which, in user mode, allows the end user to manage the anti-intrusion system directly from their smartphone, as well as their home automation system and integrate it within theIoT ecosystem that can potentially be created inside the home, with the possibility of calling up the various functions also through the Voice assistants most common in this sector.

Security becomes smart with AVE.

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