August 5, 2021

complete with plates, sockets, traditional and touch switches

Ideal for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and schools, the range eliminates up to 90% of the bacteria present on the “contact” surfaces of the electrical system.

The AVE Domus 100 antibacterial range it presents itself as an effective response in all those places where there is the need to limit the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms as much as possible. A solution particularly suitable for any environment where absolute hygiene must be guaranteed since there are many components of the electrical system “exposed” for mixed use.

Delete up to 90% of bacteria: thanks to a special additive with silver ions inserted in the plastic compound that characterizes the elements of the range, it is possible to eliminate up to 90% of the quantity of bacteria present on the “contact” surfaces of the electrical system. The devices of the antibacterial range are made with Biomaster technology®. It is a silver ion treatment that is very effective against the formation and proliferation of bacteria on the surfaces of the devices.

Both installers and designers have one at their disposal complete antibacterial range, from the white plates RAL 9010 Technopolymer 44 (coordinated with the rest of the range) to all the elements necessary for the construction of systems for inpatient, welfare and similar structures. There civil series Domus 100 it houses the fruits with antibacterial treatment, including various types of interchangeable buttons, sockets with Italian and German standards (also available in red version), data and telephone transmission sockets, TV and satellite sockets, dimmers, switches for rolling shutters, etc.

The presence of antibacterial touch switches: a novelty increasingly requested by the market that allows to avoid contact with the plastic surface, further limiting the possibility of contamination.

The AVE antibacterial range Domus 100 it is a complete proposal which satisfies all the needs of those who design and build special systems, where these features are indispensable. All supported by the design of System 44 and from flexibility typical of its universal support.

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