August 2, 2021

How to choose car surveillance camera?

The car surveillance cameras It has become increasingly popular due to the added security it provides drivers with respect to their behavior in the face of adverse circumstances while driving.

Although the regulations on its use, recording permission and possible use of its images by insurance companies and lawsuits varies a lot in each country, many drivers choose them even knowing that they may be challenged. It is a visual test that never hurts to clarify a fact.

Choosing a car surveillance camera

There are different types of car surveillance cameras, different people and different types of vehicles, so we started from the premise that it is very difficult to completely give the most correct answer for the best dash cam for your particular car.

However, there are not some important factors to consider when choosing the best car surveillance camera:

Image stabilization

Due to the normal movement of the vehicle while moving, you do not want the dash cam to give you a very shaky video signal, but you need a dash cam with functions that allow it to stabilize the image.

In this sense, it is important to note that the camera has a good processor chipset. As in mobile phones or laptops, it is important and will give reliability and duration if it is powerful and of quality. Among the most common and proven are Novatek Y Ambarella.

Night vision

It is not enough to have a sharp camera on the dashboard during the day, it must also be sharp at night. Make sure it has a feature like this before you buy it.

Car surveillance camera

In this sense, we must look at the video resolution that must be HD to record the driving. There are many car cameras with 1080P but if you intend to make a good and durable investment you’d better opt for 1440P and even 2K and 4K resolutions if your budget allows.

Storage compatibility

Must be able to accept at least 32 to 64 GB memory.

The loop recording It’s a must when it comes to car surveillance cameras, so you can keep recording after it’s filled up.

Stability and reliability

Must be heat resistant inside the car and durable enough to resist shock or other external interference.

We must not forget that a camera of this type always incorporates a GPS, which is what makes it start recording when it detects movement.

Although it seems from its design and fixed use that it is a robust gadget, we must be careful in its use and placement inside the car, following the manufacturer’s and legal guidelines so as not to obstruct visibility and good driving handling.