July 28, 2021

the right temperature in one touch

Thermo ICE devices allow you to manage the temperature of each room in a simple, fast and efficient way.

GEWISS has decided to renew its offer for the Smart home developing a complete system able to ensure Welfare, sustainability e connectivity.
Among the main functions of this new proposal there is certainly hospitality, which GEWISS also interprets with the intelligent management of residential and tertiary thermoregulation guaranteed by Thermo ICE.

Thermo ICE is a thermostat that allows you to easily and efficiently control the temperature of the rooms in which it is inserted. In fact, at every moment of the day and in every season of the year, the device allows you to set the air conditioning systems suitable to ensure the most comfortable temperature, without unnecessary waste of energy.

Thermo ICE is made in two different finishes, both characterized by a refined and refined design: one with technopolymer plate and glossy finish, for wall installation, and the other with glass plate, for built-in application. Both variants are available in colors white, black and titanium, contain touch-type controls, a circular RGB touch slider and a rear-projection display with white LEDs. Thermo ICE’s unique style also allowed it to win the prestigious premio IF Design 2016 in the Building Automation category.

· Thermo ICE KNX is the thermostat for home automation systems that use the KNX protocol, the European standard for the transmission and management of data in building automation. This device allows you to manage heating / cooling systems in 2 or 4-way systems, using two-point control algorithms, proportional-integral e fan-coil.

The glass variant also allows you to manage a humidification system /dehumidification if combined with an external humidity sensor, it has integrated temperature and proximity sensor, of two inputs for potential-free contacts (such as window contacts, external NTC temperature sensors or other) and can be configured both in KNX-System than in that KNX-Easy.

Thermo ICE KNX in tecnopolimeroinstead, it has built-in proximity, temperature and humidity sensors (allowing you to directly manage a humidification system /dehumidification), of an external temperature NTC sensor input (such as underfloor heating protection), supports implementation KNX Secure and is configurable in the mode KNX-System. Finally, this variant has a “hotel” operating mode, with simplified functionality and user interface for applications in the hotel sector.

· Thermo ICE Wi-Fi is the all-in-one solution for those who want to manage the home temperature even remotely. In fact, Thermo ICE Wi-Fi combines the features of Thermo ICE with some advanced functions available remotely. Thanks to the exclusivity APP per smartphone, available for iOS and Android systems, Thermo ICE Wi-Fi can be conveniently managed remotely, expanding its functionality from simple thermostat to chronothermostat. In fact, with the APP it is possible to control the thermostat and view its operating status, make the hourly programming of the weekly profiles and enable the geolocation function, to influence the behavior of the device based on the position (displaying the temperature and temperature trend over time humidity and receiving real-time notifications on the operating status of the system). The Thermo ICE Wi-Fi is equipped with technopolymer plate with glass effect, is designed for the wall installation and is available in colors white, black or titanium.

Comfort, energy saving, remote control and design: with the new Thermo ICE the home becomes smarter and everyday life more comfortable. All in the name of elegance of shapes and colors: refined in lines and high-tech in spirit, the design of the thermostat is combined with the style of the Chorus ICE touch plates in which the spirit of contemporaneity coexists in perfect symbiosis. and the elegance of tradition.

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