July 28, 2021

Smart sports: 3 smartwatches tested for you – Fashion

To measure is to know, as the new generation of smartwatches proves. Knack Weekend is testing three copies.

What? The Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro Solar (899.99 euros)

What? The Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro Solar (899.99 euros) Details? This is a smartwatch for sports enthusiasts who like to get out and about. The battery lasts up to 14 days. Thanks to the special lens with Solar Charging technology, the battery is even charged a little extra when exposed to the sun. On this multisport watch you can receive notifications from your mobile phone, you have WiFi, access to your music apps and you have GPS and preloaded maps. Payment is also possible via Garmin Pay. Plus? This is the ideal training watch. To measure is to know: not only is your heart rate measured (even underwater), but also your maximum oxygen absorption capacity, the oxygen saturation of your blood, your stress level and sleep monitoring. Based on all this data, you can optimize your body’s energy reserves. With this watch you can not only keep track of your training sessions, but also improve it. Min? The watch looks very robust and has the little subtle look of a sports watch. The smartwatch functions are limited, but mastering all sports watch possibilities takes some study. What? The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (429 euros) Details? This smartwatch is disguised as a classic watch, including a leather strap. The device monitors health meticulously and is so smart that it replaces the most important functions of your phone. You can choose between more than 120 different indoor and outdoor sports. Plus? With just two buttons and a simple dial, controlling the watch is a breeze. The connection with the smartphone and Bluetooth earphones also runs smoothly. After each jogging session, the device provides an overview of the usual statistics, such as speed and distance, but also of the quality of your movement. Muscle pain and a deviant running technique are detected, which is useful for injury-prone athletes. Min? The leather strap looks very elegant, but is not always practical during sports. In the gym, the watch monitors the heart rate perfectly, while jogging it occasionally drops. To see your stats live, you have to wave your arm very enthusiastically to light up the screen. An issue that will hopefully be resolved in a future software update. What? The Huawei GT 2 (199 euros) Details? This is a steroid fitness tracker whose battery can last about two weeks. A major asset compared to the competition, which needs a charge every two to three days. There are slightly fewer workout options than the other two watches tested, but they are detailed. For example, you have thirteen different running workouts to choose from. Plus? The watch comes with a sporty and a metal strap: practical and hygienic. It’s beautiful, light and simple and the accompanying app is very clear. Functions such as ‘flashlight’ and ‘find your phone’ are useful, as is the long battery life. The pedometer and heart rate readings are accurate and constant, the health tips surprisingly helpful. Min? This device easily fulfills the wishes of the average athlete, but it is not very smart. You can make calls and monitor notifications, but you still need your phone to answer messages. Furthermore, you cannot install third-party apps on it, such as Spotify or Instagram. You first have to save music on your watch before you can play it via bluetooth: a cumbersome procedure.