Gail Simone, author of the Birds of Prey comic, gives a great review of the film

It seemed unlikely, but Birds of prey it’s being one of DC’s surprise movies. Very few expected something from this kind of sequel to Suicide Squad, but the film of Harley Quinn and her female companions has ended up liking critics and audiences. Nevertheless, one of the criticisms we were expecting was from Gail Simone, the author of the comic on which this adaptation is freely based (very freely, it must be said).

Simone has turned to la red social Twitter to make your opinion known in a long thread after seeing the film directed by Cathy Yan. Birds of Prey were created by Jordan B. Gorfinkel and Chuck Dixon. The team first debuted in a 1995 comic called Black Canary / Oracle: Birds of Prey # 1. Initially, the team consisted of only these two components. However, when the writer Gail Simone took over the series with Birds of Prey # 56 in 2003added Huntress to the roster and completed what is now considered the classic Birds of Prey lineup.

Simone admits that she really liked the movie, which she defines as “a mix of John Wick and My Little Pony” and points out that “I didn’t go to the movies expecting my Birds of Prey or Chuck’s. [Dixon], I wanted to see the vision of Cathy, Christina and Margo. “However, there is a specific detail that could not be silenced: the character of Cassandra Cain played by Ella Jay Basco.

The author has no criticism of the actress and singer with a Korean mother and Filipino father. It considers that “it is fun to watch and the actress is adorable”, but “it is a lost opportunity”. NohUnderstand why this new character was given the honor of being called Cassandra Cain for her affection for the third Batgirl, who succeeded Barbara Gordon.

“Like basically all Asian martial arts characters from that era in the big two (I’m not excluding myself from this at all), there are things in their first runs that reek of exoticism and more. This is so.

But she became so much more. It was also one of the first truly successful solo Asian heroes in any of the companies [DC y Marvel]. His problems with language, reading and socialization were very significant to many people. I love Cass very much, and this is not a Cass that I recognize.

I think she would have had an easy solution, just give her a different name (…) she would have been the same character in the movie if she had been called Nancy Floogenbottom, not Cass. So that was my only major complaint. I love Cass, I think she is very special and precious as a character. “

Indeed, given the age of the orphan petty thief played by Ella Jay Basco, it does not seem that she is going to play the heroine Batgirl, even more so if we take into account that the film she had planned came to a standstill after the departure of Josh Whedon and it was never made official which version of the comics we would see. Do you agree with the author or do you think DC / Warner has an ace up their sleeve?

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Gail Simone, author of the Birds of Prey comic, gives a great review of the film