Migliozzi, the US Open and that appointment with the Olympics

The young golfer from Veneto makes his debut in a major and aims high: “I always believe in myself, I’m a tough head”. Tokyo is also waiting for him: “I can’t wait, an Olympic medal really changes your life because everyone knows you”

Matteo Dore

From the Venetian province to Tokyo. Passing through California. This is the journey of Guido Migliozzi, 24, who is now one of the three Azzurri taking part in the US Open in Torrey Pines, San Diego, together with the Molinari brothers, Francesco and Edoardo. For him it is the absolute debut in a Major. He earned his qualification with two second places on the European Tour in recent weeks.

At the moment he is the highest Italian in the world rankings (103), but he had also reached the 92nd place. What is the goal?
“I’m aiming to get into the top 50 because that would give me the right to participate in all the major tournaments.”

He is currently qualified for Tokyo. Will he go there?
“Of course. It will be a great experience and a great opportunity. Golf returned to the Games 4 years ago and I know well that, especially for other sports, the Olympics is the culmination of many sacrifices and very long careers. As I know perfectly well that thanks to an Olympics it is possible to reach an audience that is not just the golf one. An Olympic medal remains for life. Even winning a major, of course, what the hell, as a child I grew up watching the Olympics. Both winter and summer … Going to the podium would be an incredible thing. In Italy everyone knows if you win a medal at the Olympics, but if you win an important golf tournament, your business remains within the usual circle ”.

The Us Open is his first major. What do you expect?
“Nice things, honestly. I shouldn’t exaggerate too much with the declarations, but I aim to do very well. In my head the goal is always high. It is not enough for me to go and think that I am satisfied to overcome the cut. I had never been to California before. I know Florida better … I played Orange Bowl in Miami and did some training weeks for a few years during the winter period ”.

He had the opportunity to go to university in America, but he preferred not to take the opportunity and immediately go professional.
“I chose to cut my teeth starting from the bottom, playing what I could as a neoprofessional, also because the desire to study was not very much, I admit. It would have been a great experience, but I preferred to be a little more attached to my roots with the people who somehow managed to keep me on a leash. I needed it because I’ve always been a hothead, even though I’m matured now. Even looking back I think I did well “.

He now lives in Dubai where he moved just before the pandemic broke out.
“Strange time because we left in March with my girlfriend, Marta, who took the last flight from Italy on March 8th, before they closed everything. But in this way we had a lot of time to fix everything: find the apartment, furnish it, honestly I had a good time “.

But what is the place that you consider home?
“That of my parents. Now things are changing and the base in Dubai is solid, but sentimentally home is Italy”.

What kind of player is he?
“I define myself as an attacking player who is growing. I prefer to be wrong than to be conservative. I have always tried to learn from mistakes. I am stubborn and I have to make mistakes. Having the freedom to do it is a good thing.”

Phil Mickelson has just won the PGA Championship. He is more than twice his age. What does age matter in golf?
“Age is just a number. The important thing is to keep the body elastic and athletic to be able to withstand a week of pressure. It doesn’t seem like it but you feel the fatigue. And then there is the stress of traveling back and forth around the world. But if Mickelson makes it at 51, what should I say? Just play as much as possible, right? ”.

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Migliozzi, the US Open and that appointment with the Olympics