Molinari: “My Ryder from the sofa. And Fleetwood can take another to bed …”

In Paris 2018 he led Europe to triumph thanks to his 5 points, 4 with his friend Tommy who will be there at Whistling Straits: “If they win, he can do anything. We are an open couple …”

Federica Cocchi

Francesco Molinari, this time, will not be there. The Ryder Cup, which will be played from tomorrow to Saturday on the Whistling Straits course in Kohler, Wisconsin, will be strange, without our “hero” and no other Italian on the pitch. Strange above all because Chicco in the 2018 edition of the Golf National in Paris was the man of records. Three days of absolute grace in the year that had also seen him triumph at the Open Championship, the only Italian ever to win a Major. The Turin player, paired with Tommy Fleetwood, and then in the last match paly against Phil Mickelson, had won five out of five matches, a feat that no European player has ever achieved. The only golfer who could do it was the American Larry Nelson in 1979. The “Molywood” couple, the first to launch the cup fashion in Latvian, the “Moli, Moli, Molinariii” chorus, three epic days for the history of European golf but above all Italian.

Francesco, after the epic of 2018, this time the Ryder will live it from the living room. What effect does it have?

“It is not the first time that I happen not to participate …”.

He’ll admit it’s a little different this time. Three years ago at the Golf National he was the ruler for three days in a row.

“It was wonderful, especially in light of how things are going now, I appreciate everything I have experienced even more. Luckily, living in Los Angeles will have the opportunity to experience it without having too many sleepless nights.”

With the Team Europe scarf, like a real fan.

“I will dress fully, with the 2018 uniform …”.

The other half of the couple, Tommy Fleetwood, will be there. He is not jealous?

“I’m curious to see the captain’s pairings. I’m glad Tommy is there, I hope he can make a good Ryder.”

Ok, but if they win and take the cup to the Latvian with someone else …

“We are an open couple, if they win he can do whatever he wants”.

He says this because the underdogs are all for the United States.

“There is no doubt that on paper they are the strongest team. But I think in the end it will be a tight match because they have always had a limit in making a group. We Europeans are usually more compact.”

Due to Covid restrictions there will be virtually no European fans at Whistling Straits.

“Yes, but I’m sure Harrington did a good job of bringing the team together. Then there are Poulter and Garcia who feel a lot about this competition.”

“I said, the result will not be taken for granted in my opinion. I see a 14.5 to 13.5. For Europe, of course. The US has experienced a complete renewal, without Tiger, Mickelson, Zach Jonson … Let’s see what they can do “.

This time we allow her to see her on the sofa. But Rome 2023 must be there.

“The desire is there, and how. The problem is that the road is long, it’s been two years. For better or for worse. I can recover well from the back problem, find my game again, but of course, somehow I’ll be there” .

Did you like the path of Marco Simone, who will host the Europe-USA challenge in two years?

“Yes, they did a good job. I have had positive feedback from the players who participated in the Open. Just a few small adjustments and then it will be perfect.”

If not much has gone on the greens this year, however, he can console himself with Inter who started off great.

“We started from a complicated situation after a Scudetto won and this is surprising. But the path is still long, we Inter fans are used to suffering …”.

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Molinari: “My Ryder from the sofa. And Fleetwood can take another to bed …”