Montali: “In Rome in two years I’ll wait for Molinari and dream for Woods”

The director of Ryder 2023 is in America for the handover that will take place on Sunday: “The USA are favorites? On paper, yes, but paper does not go on the pitch …”

Matteo Dore

Giampaolo Montali is the director of the Ryder Cup 2023 Project, and has been working for five years to ensure that the appointment in Rome, initially scheduled for 2022, is a success. This week he is also at Whistling Straits. He traveled on the charter of the European team and, between a gala dinner and a business appointment, he is anxiously waiting for the challenge to begin and above all for the moment in which Rome will become the protagonist: “It will happen on Sunday, after the race, when it will come. officially delivered the flag that we will take with us to Italy “.

What are your predictions about this edition?
“Everyone says that on paper there is no match and that the Americans are the favorites. However, as I always told my players in my first life as a volleyball coach: the card does not go on the pitch. They have excellent chances, they have 8 players from the top 10 in the world ranking. They are favorites, but the players go on the pitch, the men with their ability to team up and form a group. “

Too bad there are no Italians.

“We hoped for it until the end, with the president who is practically our technical commissioner in pectore. It’s a pity that there is none of us because Migliozzi and then Laporta have shown that they are in excellent condition, even if the real regret is the absence of Francesco Molinari who was the hero in Paris. But I am sure he will be there for Ryder in Rome. The next two years will be very important for him, to find his game but above all his condition. He will be one of the owners. of our Ryder, I have no doubts. “

In the European team there is a mix of experience and youth. Among the 12 there is also Lee Westwood, who could be chosen as the next captain …
“Names are being made, but it is still early. And it is not even correct to take things for granted. However, the announcement will be made in January and from that moment we will work with him for all organizational aspects. But already in early October we will it will be the whole board of the Ryder Cup in Rome and I will accompany them. We will have to start and see the hotels, the structures, the road routes. Important decisions will be made “.

Who do you hope will be in the American team in Rome?

“Look, I have had a dream ever since I was involved in this project five years ago: to have Tiger Woods. The hope was to have him as a player, but now with the latest accident recovery is difficult. He could be the captain, or one. of the vice-captains. Tiger is golf with a capital G, it would be great to have it. Maybe he could even come the year before to play the Open to get to know the Marco Simone field. Next year there is the event One year to go, four days in which the two captains come to Rome to make the symbolic tee shot. An audience with the Pope is also planned. That would be crazy. Tiger Woods in Rome would be like a reissue of the 1960s Dolce Vita. Something similar to Richard Burton’s arrival in Via Veneto “.

There has recently been the Italian Open. The camp appears to have passed the exam.
“The course has passed the test very well. It is built for Ryder. Designed for spectators, you can see three or four holes from the same position. All the players were impressive. Greens very fast and very complicated. A course designed to create the show”.

Are you satisfied with the influx of spectators?

“I would like to remind you that on August 20 we still weren’t sure of being able to open to the public. It was a difficult and complicated operation and I have to congratulate the whole team of the Federation and Marco Simone who worked at their best in conditions very difficult. We had a maximum number of people who could enter and over the weekend we got there “.

Tickets for Ryder in Rome are already on sale.
“We asked and obtained from Ryder the possibility of favoring the members of the Federation who had a window of 36 hours before the actual sale to buy the season tickets. Then there will be two more sales sessions for single tickets. Then a third phase in which we will go to draw. We will sell them all without difficulty and it will be a success “.

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Montali: “In Rome in two years I’ll wait for Molinari and dream for Woods”