Morikawa, the predestined who beats all records

British Open: the American who has already won two Majors started playing at 5 years old. Then a special teacher changed his life

With the calm and confident pace of those who know that the road is marked, Collin Morikawa has won the British Open, the second Major of his very short and sparkling career. At just 24, the Californian of Japanese descent already has a guaranteed place in golf history. And given how it started, it’s easy to predict that it will be a front row seat.

the predestined

Because Morikawa is predestined. And it is the living testimony that experience is a good thing, but that it is not always important in life… Eleven months ago he had won the PGA Championship on his first attempt and it was repeated yesterday at his absolute debut at the British Open. No one before him had managed to win two majors on their first participation. And it is since the time of the legendary Bobby Jones – the founder of Augusta – in 1926 that a player has not won two such important tournaments in just eight appearances.

from california

Born in Los Angeles, his parents ran a small industrial laundry company. Enough to guarantee sports opportunities and a certain economic peace of mind for the children. Little Collin was taken by his father to take his first golf lessons when he was just five years old. At eight he was entrusted to the regular care of a teacher who also had a degree in sports psychology, thus becoming accustomed, from an early age, to concentrating on the mental aspect of the game as well as on the technique. That man, so decisive in Morikawa’s growth, is called Rick Sessinghaus and still today follows his pupil on fields all over the world. His method was different than usual: instead of concentrating on hours on the driving range, he created special situations for Collin that he would find on the field. Try and fail, try again and fail. A fun and engaging system for a child. This system created a player different from his peers and from the generation of hunters who command the golf of these years. Morikawa is a player of finesse and touch, his shots with the irons are always precise and effective.


Collin’s solidity is also evidenced by the fact that after high school many colleges lined up to offer him a scholarship. He chose the University of California and one of the things that makes him most proud is that he managed to graduate in business administration in 4 years. While most of his time was occupied by golf … After a phenomenal amateur career he turned pro in 2019 and immediately won two tournaments on the Pga Tour. Now, with the two majors and the WGC won in Florida in March, he is at the height 5 pro successes. Only Tiger Woods had managed such a rich harvest at his age. Precise with the drive, surgical in the shots on the green and ruthless with the putt, Morikawa took home the legendary Claret Jug setting the record score (265) of the Royal St. George course and doing better than Greg Norman who, in 1993 , managed to establish himself here in Kent with a total of 267. Thanks to this success Morikawa will climb to the third position in the world rankings and has earned a check for one million and 700 thousand euros. Now he is awaited by the Tokyo Olympics, the country of his ancestors. It was his grandfather who moved to California and he had never been to his home country until a couple of years ago when he organized a trip with his parents to learn about his roots. The Japanese, anxious about the hero of the Masters Hideki Matsuyama, who has just taken Covid, are ready to adopt it.

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Morikawa, the predestined who beats all records