Poulter: golf and Ferrari. At 45 he is the turbo of Europe to beat the USA

The Englishman with a passion for cars has participated in 6 editions and won 5, including the historic one in comeback in Medinah: “But this is the last one, off to young people”

Nothing is the same as the Ryder Cup. That strange challenge that kidnaps the world of golf every two years, suspends the sequence of tournaments one richer than the other and freezes the calendar to allow 12 European and 12 American players to face each other in three days of adrenaline and passion, where there is no money at stake but only honor. A team competition in an individual sport. An opportunity – the first in sport – to see Europe united and not divided into nations.

In Wisconsin

This year it will be played in the United States, at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin, an edition that has been postponed for twelve months due to Covid. In two years the appointment will be in Rome. The American captain, Steve Stricker, leads an army that seems invincible, with 8 of the best 10 in the world. The one placed worst in the ranking is twenty-first: Scottie Sheffler. On the other hand, the European captain Padraig Harrington is betting on a group with many old people and some young hope. He has the number 1 in the world, the Spaniard Jon Rahm, but also the one furthest behind in the standings: the Austrian Wiesberger, 63rd, who however qualified by right thanks to some good results in recent weeks. Instead Harrington has chosen to bring with him a 45-year-old Englishman, number 50 in the world, who hasn’t won a tournament in three years and who has never won a major. So why did she call him?

Ferrari and Cups

Because Ian Poulter, he is the Englishman in question, lives for the Ryder Cup. He waits for it, breathes it, feeds on Ryder. It seems that nothing else in life interests him so much and so intensely. Aside from the cars… At his Florida home in the Lake Nona golf club, he transformed the huge garage into a museum. There are the cups won, the bags used in various tournaments, the best memories of his golfing life. Then many car racing memorabilia: a suit used by Michael Schumacher, a helmet, a steering wheel. And cars of all brands. With a predilection for Ferraris that comes to try and buy directly in Maranello. On the wall there is a giant picture of Enzo Ferrari and he called one of his dogs Enzo (the other is Bentley …). And if he has a guest with whom he is playing a few holes he does not beg to stop the swings for a few minutes and show his treasures. Ferrari passion aside, his heart ignites only for Ryder. He has already played six and won five, many with a decisive role. In Medinah, in 2012, our last success in America, it dragged Europe into a comeback that on Saturday evening seemed as unlikely as the landing of the Martians on Earth. Five birdies in a row, each putt pocketed from a distance celebrated with a special celebration that has become a trademark over time: haunted eyes and a scream as the punch hits the chest. Like a trumpet blast that launches the charge for the whole European team. His nickname is “Il Postino”, because he always delivers the victory. As soon as he arrived in America with the team he told reporters: “This is my last Ryder in the US, because now the age is what it is. And unless something incredible happens in the next two years it is also the last in absolute. I would like to play in Rome, but I’m realistic. There is a new generation of players and it is right that they have their space. I know that I will enjoy it to the fullest: I don’t need any special motivation because Ryder is an event which to me means more than any other “. For Americans, it is public enemy No. 1. For us Europeans it is the best hope we have of winning. For the whole world of golf he is simply Mister Ryder.

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Poulter: golf and Ferrari. At 45 he is the turbo of Europe to beat the USA