Ryder Cup to the United States: for Europe it is the worst defeat ever

The stars and stripes team wins its 27th trophy with merit. Now the rematch is called Rome 2023

No miracles this time. The United States wins the Ryder Cup and Europe does not smile in a foreign land, missing that feat that no one has been able to do since 2012 when we took the trophy away from Medinah, Illinois. The final 19-9 is the worst defeat ever for Europe. At Whistling Straits the Americans presented themselves with great confidence, after all, if you have eight of the best ten players in the world in your team, it is difficult not to feel the strongest. On the other hand, European captain Padraig Harrington had a simple strategy: let’s group, give our best and hopefully. We did it as a group, not so much because too many big names didn’t live up to their fame. And so the US took the 27th Ryder in 43 matches, the eighth out of 21 since 1979 when the team that until then consisted only of British players was also extended to continental Europeans.

American phenomena

This morning Europe was 6 shots late. An abyss that was formed in the two days of play in pairs: 6-2 on Friday then 5-3 on Saturday for a total of 11-5. And the singles haven’t changed that with the increasingly red leaderboard, the color of the Americans. An avalanche that hit Europe. The decisive point, which reached 14 and a half, came from Morikawa. The difference is always the quality. And the Americans have so much of it that they fill the immense Lake Michigan that has watched their exploits placidly. The number 2 of the world, Dustin Johnson, did not do anything wrong. The 3, Collin Morikawa, was perfect. On the 4th, Patrick Cantlay, relentless. On the 5th, Xander Schauffele, relentless. On the 6th, Justin Thomas, ruthless, on the 7th, Bryson DeChambeau, flawless. And here we stop because we run out of adjectives …

Passed and rejected

In the European team, essentially two survived. The Spaniards Jon Rahm and Sergio Garcia. They played well in pairs, they tried to keep Europe alive. Rahm brought 3.5 points in four doubles matches while Garcia, who already boasted the record of points scored, also updated the absolute record of matches won: 25. Instead Rory McIlroy has betrayed expectations, himself and Europe. all. And it is unknown which of these three things hurts him the most. Today, in pain and emotion, he showed up in tears in front of the cameras and his tears are proof of how special Ryder is. Disastrous on Friday morning, weak on Saturday. Rory turned into a burden when he had to be the extra card. The point brought today in the single dominated against Xander Schauffele is useless and almost mocking. The selection criteria should also be rethought. The captain had to form the team with 9 qualified players by right and only three chosen by him. But someone found himself admitted thanks to results obtained a year earlier and showed up in Wisconsin really out of shape. A small positive quote for Ian Poulter for how he played and won his single against Finau. The last sharp of a champion: after the final putt he bent down covering his face, but was unable to hide the emotion. Tears for him too. Europe can only thank him.

And now Rome

Now we have to prepare the rematch. It will be at Marco Simone in Guidonia (Rome), from 29 September to 1 October 2023. It will be the third time – after Valderrama 1997 and Paris 2018 – that the Ryder Cup will be held in continental Europe. Golf is coming Rome.

The results

The USA beat Europe: 19-9.

These are the results of the singles played yesterday:

McIlroy (Eur) b. Schauffele (Usa) 3&2

Cantlay (Usa) b. Lowry (Eur) 4&2

Scheffler (Usa) b. Rahm 4&3

DeChambeau (Usa) b. Garcia 3&2

Morikawa (Usa)-Hovland pari

Koepka (Usa) b. Wiesberger (Eur) 2&1

Thomas (Usa) b. Hatton (Eur) 4&3

Johnson (Usa) b. Casey (Eur) 1Up

Poulter (Eur) b. Finau (Usa) 3&2

Westwood (Eur) b. English 1Up

Spieth (Usa)-Fleetwood (Eur) pari

Berger (Usa) b. Fitzpatrick (Eur) 1 Up

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Ryder Cup to the United States: for Europe it is the worst defeat ever