The Augusta National Women is back: 5 blue are also at the start

In the most awaited event of amateur women’s golf, Italy will field Don, Moresco, Nobilio, Paltrinieri and Zanusso

Two years after the first edition, with a forced stop in 2020, the most awaited event of amateur women’s golf is back on the field, opening the doors of the magical Augusta National (Atlanta, Georgia), to the best players in the world. A week before the Masters, which has arrived here on time since 1934 with its load of champions and emotions, the newborn Women’s Amateur has shot the pace, making history immediately with the announcement of the club president Fred Ridley: “We will produce the most great impact ever on women’s golf and it will be much more than a golf tournament, because these athletes have the great ability to inspire others ”.

The perfect day

The Augusta National especially needed to turn the page, which had not admitted black people until 1990 (but caddies had to be) and ladies until 2012. Great premises (including means and organization, the same as the Masters) but results even better. The first edition has already conquered the attentive and competent public of Augusta’s “patrons” (there were 20 thousand), who are once again applauding over the strings in a forcibly limited number. That last round had been unforgettable, the perfect day: in a triumph of flowers and meticulous care of the green, the field allowed itself to the determined stride of the girls, including skirts, determination and a stellar golf. Jennifer Kupcho, American and number one in the world, was the first to lift the Tiffany trophy after throwing the opening shot of the tournament and the last putt of the race by holing from eight meters. Especially after playing the last six holes in five shots below par (including an eagle at 13) in a thrilling head-to-head with Mexican Maria Fassi. “What a day, a unique experience just from walking those fairways with so many crowds,” he said.


Jennifer Kupcho, who now plays as a professional, will not be leaving tomorrow, but there will be five Italian talents: Italy leads the international contingent in terms of number of athletes, second only to the United States with 38 girls. In the words of Anna Zanusso, the meaning of this tournament: “Being part of the field in Augusta means representing all amateur women’s golf and showing what we are capable of on the field; we represent the next generation of professionals and we are also a role model for the younger players who aspire to arrive here in the next few years ”. Caterina Don from Turin returns, with a strong twelfth place at the debut (208 hits, +2). “I am proud of that result, a story that I will never forget and that I will continue to tell in the future”. But how is the score built on this track? “That week every part of my game was at a good level, but pocketing some crucial putts was the key. The field is complex, I had patience and accepted mistakes, also contenting myself with the bogey. I’m happy to have a second chance, which allowed me to better prepare myself for short play and putt in the practice session “. And the unforgettable hole? “The spectacular and very difficult 10, my first birdie in Augusta”, he concludes. Alessia Nobilio, nineteen year old from Milan, number 14 in the world ranking, is also back. American television kept repeating in slow motion the images of his ball hitting and disintegrating a pine cone, practically putting an end to his competition. It was the playoff to access the final round, 11 players for ten places and the only one excluded was her. “Too bad, but overall it was an extraordinary experience for the level of care in everything, from the pitch to the organization, there are all the best in the world and the level of play is very high; the tension was sky high, there was a lot of public, an atmosphere very similar to that of a professional competition. You still come out with new ideas to work on. This time I arrived more mentally prepared. The field requires a high technical and mental preparation, as well as maximum concentration. A meter further to the right or left can be expensive, so each shot must be displayed in the best possible way to be able, in case, to make a mistake on the right side, avoiding big mistakes. I believe that my putt on these large, fast and steep greens can help me ”. For Benedetta Moresco it is “a dream that becomes reality. Watching the first edition of the competition on TV made me “hungry” to play it, and here I am! “The Masters is really her favorite tournament, she has followed it since she was a child.” It is so spectacular that even from behind a screen it succeeds to always excite me. Tiger’s victory in 2019 over all “, he said.” Like many athletes, I live with emotions and the idea of ​​adrenaline and excitement that await me on the tee of the first hole or the last putt, for me they are like breathing life. “Anna Zanusso from Vicenza comments on her participation:” Being one of the best players in the world invited to play this tournament makes me proud of the work done over the years that brought me this far. play the holes at Amen Corner keeping my distance from Rae’s Creek, the creek that for many decided the race. “As for strategy, Anna aims to enhance the long game that sets her apart.” Tee shots and irons on the green will help me to bring home a good result. ”Emili and Paltrinieri, a 20-year-old from Milan, remembers the 2005 Masters and Tiger Woods’ historic approach to 16 that opened a world to her: “I was really little and seeing how creative you can be in golf was very stimulating for me”. Now, after studying the field on the maps and a few videos on YouTube, the big day has come to find “the right sensitivity and be able to read putts that can be very steep”. Something that still fails to professionals with so many editions behind them.

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On the subject of caddy, for the occasion there are those who bring the usual teacher from home: Roberto Recchione on the bag of Alessia Nobilio, Alex Senoner on that of Benedetta Moresco. They choose the experience of local caddies Caterina (the same one she had two years ago), Anna (after a telephone selection) and Emilie for the first part of the competition, with her brother Julien, owner on the eighteen holes of Augusta. For all of them, giving the best is the goal, but only Alessia is unbalanced in a top 15.

Alessia Nobilio Milan, 19, University of California Los Angeles, # 14 World Golf Amateur Ranking Instagram: alessia.nobilio

Benedetta Moresco Vicenza, 19, University of Alabama, # 17 WGAR Instagram: Benedictine

Caterina Don Turin, 20, University of Georgia # 45 WGAR Instagram: caterinadon_

Emilie Paltrinieri Milan, 20, University of California Los Angeles, # 50 WGAR Instagram: emi.paltrinieri

Anna Zanusso Castelfranco Veneto, 20, University of Denver, # 95 WGAR Instagram: anna_zanusso

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The Augusta National Women is back: 5 blue are also at the start