Us Open: Rahm triumphs and returns to number one in the world. Italy smiles with Migliozzi: 4th

Spanish precedes Oosthuizen and American English. The Italians did well with the Vicenza rider at the foot of the podium while the Molinari brothers finished 13th (Francesco) and 35th (Edoardo)

Jon Rahm is the US Open champion number 121. He wins with 278 strokes, you are under par (69-70-72-67) and returns to number one in the world. The 26-year-old Spaniard resumed his game where he left off two weeks ago when, leading the Memorial Tournament by a six-shot margin, he was forced to retire by Covid. “I kept a positive attitude because good things come, I knew I had to be there. This place reminds me of home (Barrika, in the Basque Country, ed.) On a summer day, where I grew up; here I feel in the right place, here I won the first tournament of the PGA Tour in 2017 “, he said holding the baby born on April 5th. The final of the tournament could not have been more beautiful and fought.

Good day from the morning

On the eighteen holes of the South course of Torrey Pines Municipal (in La Jolla, San Diego) there were many champions in contention on Sunday morning, twenty players in six shots and the challenge of an unpredictable field. Which, with a rough impossible and extreme flags, he dictated his law to the end and granted the victory only after the very last blow. For Rham, a good day began in the morning. Hole one said a lot about his final lap: long and precise with the driver, aggressive in his shot at the green with a shaft hidden behind the bunker, putt in the hole. He starts with a birdie and on two he repeats everything the same. At three, on the other hand, he recovers his par from a bad position, because he is a bomber with the good hands of the best Spaniards. For this he attacks, he only sees the rods, no shots in safety. Then ups and downs (he loses a shot on the four), but no putts putted on the occasions that follow, even when the road ahead begins to be short. Instead, he hits the hole to make a difference in the final, putting in two long and crooked putts at 17 and 18 (where he had won with putts for the eagle his first race). From the top of his -6, however, he must wait for the return of Louis Oosthuizen, the South African who won one of Major and nearly missed many, leader from hole 9 with -5. He needs a shot at least for the playoffs. Instead, after so much regularity and precision, centered fairways and holed putts, that shot was lost in the last, dramatic holes. And he is second for the sixth time (279, 67-71-70-71).

The big names lost on the road

All the other big names stepped aside along the way, with a particularly bitter ending for morning favorites Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy. Italy is there like never before, with three players on the pitch on Sunday and with a new star. It is Guido Migliozzi, who closes in fourth place (282, 71-70-73-68); Francesco Molinari is thirteenth (284, 68-76-69-71), his brother Edoardo 35th (289, 70-76-72-71). The pro from Vicenza, 24, brings genius and imagination, talent and conviction to the field, unscrupulous enough to imagine the second, risky shot of the 18, which takes the hole and leaves a long putt for the eagle. It ends at -2 with some regrets on the putt. But he pits a long one at 12 and slips the approach to 14 from the tremendous Kikuyo weed. Next July he will leave for Tokyo with Francesco Molinari and will be the first Olympics for both.

The Ryder Cup is approaching

Meanwhile, the next Ryder Cup team is getting closer and closer. And as always happens at the US Open, above all he won the course (which is public, with an average of 70 thousand rounds per year), prepared for the competition in the manner of the United States Golf Association which this year declared on the eve of not having raged too much. Certainly not as much as some times in the past where the best score was above par, but with a good mix of risk and reward that has turned into several bogeys and birdies on the scores. The spectacle of the cliff and the Pacific Ocean just below is priceless.

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Us Open: Rahm triumphs and returns to number one in the world. Italy smiles with Migliozzi: 4th