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Theo James, becomes the ambassador of the new Hugo Boss fragrance.

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From a suite of the Hotel W from Barcelona, with an ocean view worthy of any Hollywood star, I look forward to the figure of the moment who earlier this year starred in the film Insurgente, the second part of the Divergent saga, which grossed 265 million dollars worldwide. With such a figure, and sharing credits with the beautiful Shailene Woodley, anyone would lose the floor, but Theo James is more sensible and eloquent than ever. “You can’t choose everything that happens in your life, but in my 30s and reviewing my previous works, I think that although I haven’t followed a specific path I know where I want to go” the actor confesses to me during the launch of the new fragrance from Hugo Boss: The Scent, in which a male category with a seductive spirit is explored for the first time. The actor, of Greek, Scottish and British descent, did not hesitate for a second to accept this invitation as an ambassador and I am sure that the brand did not choose him either, since one episode of the television series was enough Downtown Abbey to turn the Crawley family on its head, and that is the effect they are looking for this time: “It was really simple, as I have grown up with the brand. Hugo Boss is part of the masculine culture and more so for me that I am British. For me the most important thing was to be part of something so classic but at the same time so new ”.

A luxury during the launch of the fragrance at Esferic, Barcelona.

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Theo studied philosophy at the University of Nottingham and it is evident that he has been able to integrate this facet in his acting development, activating all his senses in search of characters that challenge him mentally and physically. In his role as a modern gentleman, he is aware that man has lost a bit of ingenuity in the field of conquest, he himself is absent from all social networks seeking to preserve an enigmatic and authentic spirit: “We live in a world in which we can see and know everything about people and I think we lose a little ability to stay present. There are some who share every facet of their lives and I think that what I like is that game of seduction. To know someone but not completely ”.

Tobias “Four” Eaton is the role of Theo James in the Divergent series.

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The British actor is currently filming the comedy War on Everyone by John Michael McDonagh and the first part of Allegiant, where he will again play the acclaimed rebel Four from the Divergent saga. We will also see him alongside Johnny Depp in London Fields and Richard Gere in Franny. And among so many projects it must be difficult to know who he will work with later, I ask him: “I would have loved to film with Marilyn Monroe, but in reality there are many names that I have in mind. Nothing specific to be honest. ” But Theo’s talents are not limited to the big screen, just listen to some of his songs recorded for the band Shere Khan, to understand that he is a performer in every sense, the type that generates fan club and heart-rending screams in the street, because even though I haven’t had time to continue exploiting its musical part, although I still can’t get used to the idea: “The greatest luxury for me now is to disconnect from work and travel, practically to any destination with the sea. I miss him too much. Although perhaps also classic cars have become my greatest interest ”.

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GQ Character: Theo James | GQ Mexico and Latin America