Gwyneth Paltrow follows two tricks to avoid getting swollen up

Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet are the keys that specialists repeat relentlessly to get a flat stomach. However, many women find that despite constantly striving to combat swelling, waking up to a hornet waist every day is an unattainable goal. The confusion is understandable, because if those who know more about health describe this combo as infallible to feel light, why doesn’t it work? The specialists in fitness point to caloric deficit (eat fewer calories a day than are burned), rest and variety in workouts such as tricks that mark a before and after on a physical level. What’s more, Gwyneth Paltrow just revealed what are the other reasons why you feel bloated even though you eat well.


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Since the Hollywood star announced the launch of his web healthy lifestyle, Goop, has surrounded himself with experts who introduce him to the new trends in wellness. Like his collaborator, Dr. Frank Lipman, who a couple of years ago discovered the concept of the clean sleeping, or how a quality rest balances the metabolism and even enhances weight loss. Another of the specialists that the actress trusts to answer the doubts of her users is Dr. Gerda Endemann, Director of Science and Research at Goop, and also the one who has just answered a question that does not stop receiving the celebrity on your platform: “Sometimes I swell after eating but I don’t understand if it is due to a particular food or something else. What are the reasons for the swelling?”. On behalf of Gwyneth, Dr. Endermann has revealed the reason for the problem.

Eating too fast

Enjoy food, keep your cell phone away from the table and avoid emotional hunger (the one that does not respond to a real need of the body) are the tips that nutritionists repeat over and over again to maintain a healthy weight. East mindful eating It could also be the key to ending the swelling: “The main reason the body swells is gas. Gas could come from carbonated drinks or swallowing air when eating too fast.”explains the doctor. As a solution, it also reveals a habit with which to avoid this accumulation: “One school of thought says that chewing each bite thirty times is the key to health. Not a bad idea: it should slow you down, help with digestion and, perhaps, prevent you from swallowing air. ”


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Detect indigestible foods

In addition to the possibility that eating fast is directly linked to abdominal bloating, the Paltrow collaborator also points to the obvious: there are some foods that, despite being classified as healthy, are indigestible. “Beans are obvious offenders, but there are lesser known foods that cause gas in some people and not others. It all depends on the digestive enzymes and on the bacterial flora of the intestine “, points out Endemann, who adds that it is precisely these bacteria that produce gas (methane and hydrogen):” Any food that we do not digest cannot pass into the small intestine, so it travels to the bulk, where bacteria use it and produce gas. ”

Apart from balancing the intestinal flora with foods that feel good to the body, the doctor insists on the importance of finding those that do not and, if the swelling is recurrent, see a specialist. As an aid in detecting which types of raw materials top the list of the most indigestible, those that contain lactose tend to cause problems: “Do you feel bloated after eating yogurt, ice cream or fresh cheese? This can come and go since stress or illness can cause temporary intolerance to milk sugar, lactose. If this is the case, avoid dairy for a while to let your intestinal cells recover. “A trial and error process that works with other ingredients as well to find out what is causing the problem.


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Gwyneth Paltrow follows two tricks to avoid getting swollen up