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Kevin Costner has probably been one of the actors who has best represented the style of the typically American man, who loves baseball (although in real life his true passion is golf), always accompanied by a cap, Ray-Ban sunglasses and a beer in hand. At least that’s what his most legendary roles from the 80s and 90s when Costner was absolute king of the big screen have led us to believe.

Also outside of her, her style has something to do with her characters. Kevin Costner has always liked comfortable clothes, with a casual point like any ordinary American. But, like any great star, he also met the trends of the time. A time, that of the late 80s and 90s, that is back in full force and therefore it is more than inspiring to review the photographic archive of the actor from that time. On his birthday we review his best looks: leather jackets vintage, designer ties, lots of jeans, classic sneakers, bomber jackets and sunglasses that he has worn like no other.

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Windbreaker and full sail

It’s one of the season’s highlights, technical jackets like this navy blue hooded windbreaker Kevin Costner wore to one of his movies with a polo underneath and jeans. Inspiration at full sail.

The leather jacket

Other contemporaries of his time such as Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp took a little dive to this one: brown and for which they seem to have spent years and little battles of all kinds. Vintage has always been a genre.

High design tie

The actor used (and is) characterized by a wardrobe of fairly simple garments in which comfort prevails. However, from time to time he would surprise with accessories like this tie with a risky geometric pattern that looks like it came from Prada itself.

The unexpected dandy

It is known by all that Kevin Costner is a great golf fan, that’s where he gets the inspiration for these looks of baggy pants and two-tone shoes. The XL coat and the black shirt give the final touch to the Hollywood heartthrob.

XL trousers

Stay with this image because when you have doubts about what the pants that have been sweeping in recent seasons are like, you will be able to see them instantly. Wide, in a suit and well placed at the waist. Costner wore them in the 90s with a white cotton T-shirt and lace-up shoes. A look to keep in mind for next spring.

The vintage sneakers you were looking for

Loot and basketball style, Kevin Costner had exactly the vintage shoes you are looking for in the 90s. If you find them and combine them like him, with wide chino shorts and a white shirt, you have the look of summer.

Another suede jacket

It was undoubtedly one of the garments of the 90s and one of those that has returned with more force. Reviewing the photos of the time is to come across the inspiration you need to combine this garment and Kevin Costner could not be missing in this collection of style references.

american crusade

Kevin Costner was ahead of his time and dared to wear one of the most formal garments in the men’s wardrobe like this: with light-colored jeans and a white casual shirt, buttoned up to the last button.

Dress vest

Another proof that corroborates that the trend of wearing the vest of the more formal suit in an informal but festive way comes directly from the 90s. Here Kevin Costner showing the versatility of this garment for those who believe otherwise.

The quintessential glasses of the 90s

Although the Ray-Ban Clubmaster model is inspired by the 50s, the truth is that during the 90s they were the favorites of movie stars like Kevin Costner.

The bomber

Attention to the image: you may not see a better representation of the bomber jacket trend in the 90s than this image of the actor. Short, almost bullfighter, in bright gray and ready to wear with everything.

The typical vintage jacket

This is the type of jacket that we all look for in vintage clothing stores without much success. The authentic and most special are always in short supply …

The eternal look

Here Kevin Costner executing the look that will never go out of style and that adapts to all styles: white t-shirt, jeans and Adidas Stan Smith sneakers that remain unchanged for centuries and centuries.

White polo shirt and classic glasses

Another look that will never go out of style and that Kevin Costner has known how to defend like no one else is this white polo shirt and classic sunglasses because if there was an actor in the 90s who could well have earned his living as a sunglasses model, that was without he doubts.

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her style and her best looks