Here’s When This C8 Corvette ‘Black Widow’ Widebody Kit Hits The Aftermarket

The latest generation of the Chevrolet Corvette, fondly called the C8, boasts a great leap in overall design – inside, out, and down under. With its more aggressive looks, the C8 Corvette won’t lose to other sports cars in terms of appearance. Nonetheless, the C8 has attracted aftermarket parts makers who promise to give the sports car a more dynamic appearance. These widebody designs for the C8 Corvette seem promising, and its creators vow to realize them next year.

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Making The C8 Corvette Look More Extreme

In production since 1953, the Chevrolet Corvette of every generation has never failed to amaze motorists. The C8 generation boasts of being the first production Corvette to feature a rear mid-engine configuration, which certainly offers several advantages. Vastly different from previous generations, the C8 has determined sporty looks that people would want to take to the extreme.

So far, there have been a number of design creations that made the C8 Corvette appear more athletic, as clad in add-on kits. Many of these creations remain graphic representations, which means they never made it to reality. This wide-bodied C8 Corvette dubbed as “The Black Widow,” however, might become a reality next year.

Widebody Kit To Arrive In Spring 2022

Penned by a collaboration between Marsell of Carmstyledesign and Ivan Tampi of Ivan Tampi Customs, this widebody creation for the C8 Corvette should arrive in spring 2022. Marsell is an automotive graphic designer who has penned dozens of CGI widebody creations for various vehicles including the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Ford Mustang and C8 Corvette. His works are dynamically beautiful, with viewers wishing that they are real.

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On the other hand, Ivan Tampi is an award-winning aero kit designer who specializes in widebody kits. But he doesn’t just pen these kits as he also crafts them into reality. In fact, he already offers carbon fiber parts and widebody kits for the C7 Corvette. His aero products also include those for the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang. He is currently offering a line of carbon fiber creations named XIK.

Reviving The Black Widow Series For C8 Corvette

Black Widow was actually the name of the infamous body kit series designed by Ivan for fitment on Japanese cars, such as those built by Honda and Toyota. If things don’t go badly, Ivan and Marsell will release the renewed Black Widow kit for the C8 Corvette.

The new widebody kit for the C8 Corvette seems to include a new front fascia, new front splitter, new front fenders, new rear top side skirts, new bottom side skirts, new rear quarter panels, new rear spoiler and new rear diffuser.

Source: Carmstyledesign, Ivan Tampi Customs

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Here’s When This C8 Corvette ‘Black Widow’ Widebody Kit Hits The Aftermarket