August 3, 2021

Casa do Poeta has been promoting poetry for 19 years in the city – Culture

Photo: Personal archive

Denise Reis is passionate about literature and, in Santa Maria, she found an activity at Casa do Poeta to share experiences and readings with other people. Created with the purpose of providing opportunities for a dialogue between poets, poetry lovers and people who have reading as a hobby, Casa do Poeta de Santa Maria (Caposm) celebrated its 19th anniversary last week.

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In addition to promoting free literary workshops, the Casa usually develops other projects such as recitals in schools, nursing homes and hospitals, and encourages poetic consumption through the “Balaio da Poesia” and the presence of writers in schools, the so-called ‘ literary godparents’.
– On the anniversary of the House, we did a poetic action at the City Council of Santa Maria, with a speech and distribution of books to all councilors and others present at the session. Many of our plans and projects were frustrated due to the pandemic. But we continued the meetings, called Cafezinhos Poéticas, online, where we read our texts and those of different authors. We participate in literary lives, online lectures, food distribution actions, warm clothes and books in specific or public places, literary videos with poetry and storytelling, to publicize and honor poets, the city, and contribute to schools. All the actions we do are free – says Denise, who is president of Casa do Poeta.

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In the extinct Mont’Serrat Café, the organization was founded in 2002, with the objective of holding soirees. Today, the house does not have a physical place for meetings.
– We have not been headquartered since the Casa de Cultura (located in Praça Saldanha Marinho) was closed. We look for solutions, but without success. We hope that one day this quest will have a happy ending. We are still fighting – says Denise.

According to psychologist Cleuber Rogia, it is important to remember that the pandemic brought sudden changes in our daily lives and that this requires adaptation. He explains that keeping hobbies, whatever they are, is essential for people who already had that activity in their routine:
– People are saturated, since the human being was not born to be imprisoned, so to keep your mind up to date, the ideal is to adapt to keep activities, hobbies. We can’t forget about the things we like and the internet is there to make everything easier. If the person likes to get together with friends to do readings, it is currently possible remotely. Reading alone helps to keep your mind up to date, but keeping in touch, whether with family or groups of friends, is important.

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Auri Sudati, a specialist in the theory of literature, says that reading leads people to a magical world, which goes beyond reality:
– Whoever reads, projects his “I” in another dimension, becomes wiser and more creative, rises to the highest level of himself, can make his life prosperous, with the conquest of new ideals. When we are in the company of books, life becomes more pleasant and vibrant. Anyone who is dedicated to reading practices high acts: he exercises his whole being, stirs, cries, laughs, gets excited, loves, renews himself and is reborn in another sphere, because there is nothing that transmits more emotions and personal progress than what a good read. The book is a friend, it’s the best friend we have. Anyone who reads transforms his life into a permanent dialogue with himself, with people, with nature and with God.