July 26, 2021

G1 – Different hobbies help professionals relieve heavy work

Collection occupies three rooms in the promoter’s house
(Photo: Hismênia Keller / G1)

Working for long periods of the day without time to relax your mind and disconnect from work are important factors for stress, an evil that affects people in modern life, to appear. Having an escape valve is critical to avoiding health problems.

Responsible for major cases of repercussion in Uberlândia, the prosecutor of the Special Criminal Court, Marco Aurélio Nogueira, finds in plastic modeling a way to forget the work routine and the heavy load of some criminal cases. “I’ve gone through many moments of tension in the profession because of some cases. Police vehicles have already happened to stay at the door of my house to ensure my safety, it doesn’t scare me, but it generates tension that needs to get out of my body somehow,” said the prosecutor.

The desire for miniature objects began when Marcus Aurelius was still a child, but it only became a reality in adult life. The prosecutor combined a taste for ancient history and miniature. Today, among assembled objects and some that are still in the boxes, the plastic modeling collection occupies three rooms in the jurist’s house and, in the future, will gain a new space that is still under construction.

World War II is portrayed in minute detail in miniature tanks, cars and soldiers of war. In addition to these objects, there is a collection of items purchased at auctions, such as medals, brooches and helmets of soldiers of the war. The passion for miniatures earned the public prosecutor national awards due to the wealth of details and reality shown in each miniature. “When I’m very tired, I dedicate myself to this hobby. Some people seek this escape in legal and illegal drugs or in adventures that are not worthwhile and harm the individual’s families. As much as plastic modeling demands attention, I can dedicate myself, relax and, at the same time, have the company of my family at home,” he said.

Promoter reconciled passions for plastic modeling and history (Photo: Hismênia Keller/G1)Promoter reconciled passions for plastic modeling and history (Photo: Hismênia Keller/G1)

However, the promoter emphasizes that the hobby cannot become an addiction and that the person needs to be aware that the activity will not replace what he/she needs to face in life.

See the photos of the plastic modeling collection

At the same pace of hard work, graphic producer Wender Alves lives on creativity and overcoming difficulties to win over clients. As a result, he has already had to work 16 hours a day at the agency he has in Uberlândia. To excel at work, the graphic producer combines a childhood game with the time to relax and take care of your mind.

At 37, Wender practices shooting. He started practicing the sport two years ago, is already regional champion in category B and is ranked 30th in the national ranking of category U.
“I played on the farm when I was a kid with those compressed air guns and I always liked it. Two years ago I looked for the Shooting Club in Araguari, I liked it even more than I saw it and I went after the documentation required to practice the sport”, he commented.

With the sport Wender managed to have more emotional control using the techniques that the sport requires and relieve the mind. “It’s not shooting to relieve stress, it’s actually the techniques that the sport requires that provide it. As I need a lot of patience and concentration, I do some breathing exercises that improve and control anxiety,” he revealed.

In addition, the graphic producer applies the experience of sport at work. “It’s a sport in which I compete with myself and therefore I have to excel. At work it’s no different, as I need inspiration, I combine the overcoming of sport at work,” he said.

Unlike what many people think, sport shooting has nothing to do with violence or just a desire to shoot, according to the producer. They don’t use the term gun, they use sports equipment.

According to Wender, the term weapon is for any object used in an attack and not specifically a gun. “People end up judging for lack of knowledge. But the entire process to become a sport shooter is bureaucratic. The person has to be reputable, not responding to criminal proceedings and still be supervised by the Brazilian Army”, he concluded.