August 6, 2021

Thaisa starts yoga practice and reveals quarantine hobbies

The free time generated by the reality of quarantine can bring interesting discoveries for some people. This is the case of the Thaisa steering wheel. Currently defending the CD Tacon/Real Madrid, the athlete has been living alone in Spain during this period and took advantage of the period without major activities to do new things.

“I found that I like doing yoga. Before, I thought it was boring, but I realized that it is very good for the head and body”, explained the athlete in an interview given to the CBF website. The activity has worked as an important helper, as Thaisa needs to keep fit and has encountered some difficulties without the necessary equipment and space.

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“They are being well pulled, a lot of interval work with various jumping exercises, using a lot of body weight, more functional work, because I only have the room at home to do the exercises”, he declared.

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In addition to physical exercise, Thaisa’s routine has been based on connections to family and friends who are far away and looking for culinary novelties.

“I’m alone in Madrid, so I’ve been talking more often with family and friends over the internet. It’s not that it’s a hobby, but I’ve also had fun looking for cooking recipes on the internet and putting them into practice”, he revealed.


In fact, hobbies are important factors to spend the free time generated by the quarantine. In addition to cooking, Thaisa reveals that she is watching series during this period and takes the opportunity to even make suggestions.

“I watched a series called The English Game, it’s about how football started in England, I’m sure any football lover will love it”, he added.