July 24, 2021

Twitter studies modifying the ways in which its users interact – Época Negócios

Possible changes to Twitter tools have not yet been decided by the company (Photo: Getty Images)

Twitter is considering changing the interaction tools of publications used by its users. The social network, according to the TechCrunch website, can develop mechanisms for removing direct mentions in posts, controlling people who could see the tweets and who would be authorized to respond to posts.

In addition to users being able to notify about the language used on the platform, the new concept also includes ways to target tweets to specific groups of friends and classify posts into different categories, such as work, hobbies, interests, among others. Twitter is analyzing user feedback to make decisions about upcoming developments.

Since last year, the digital platform has allowed its customers to choose between three ways in which they want to allow other users to respond to each tweet. The social network allows responses to a tweet to be limited to the people mentioned in the posts, the author’s followers, or everyone without distinction.

By the new proposal, called Trusted Friends (in free translation, “trusted friends”), users could tweet to chosen groups of friends. Another possibility raised is to carry out posts limited to geographic regions so that people from a particular location know that the person responsible for the tweet is in the area.

If the change is implemented, there is a fear that Twitter will turn into a social network more like Facebook, with interactions between close and private friends. According to the company, the “just for friends” format could free its users from having to look for alternatives such as creating other profiles or switching posts between public and private.

Another feature under consideration is drafting language response capabilities. This tool would allow users to choose the answers they don’t want to see in their tweets. This would be done through a list of words that the author of a particular post does not want to see in the comments. A statement would then be sent to explain why an answer would be at odds with the vocabulary established by the author of the first post.

This, according to the social network, would not constitute censorship, as the author would be informed and questioned about the inappropriateness of a given answer. This tool is considered a means of using profanity in posts on the social network.

The company is also studying the possibility of launching Facets. In this case, you are offered the option to sort posts from a single account by subject. Unlike Trusted Friends, Facets would grant permissions to other users to limit viewing posts related to specific topics.

Twitter declared that the tools are not under development. For the company, these are idea design models that the company considers in its analyses. The social network has not even decided if these changes will one day be implemented, which should only happen after the feedback received from users.

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