July 25, 2021

What are the best exercises to improve your public speaking and communicate well?

Speaker! How are you?

Public speaking is a skill. And not just any skill: one of the most important in the current scenario, where everything goes through communication – be it face-to-face or digital.

Precisely because it is a skill (and not a gift, as many people imagine), it is necessary to dedicate time and practice to develop and improve their techniques.

What are the most effective exercises to improve your speaking and communicate better?

That’s what our conversation today is about. Read through and include these exercises in your routine!

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Observation exercises: how to apply them?

How much do we learn from watching others? Watching closely, carefully, and willing to really listen. Much! With communication, this is no different. Watch, listen carefully, take notes.

In what way? With this first exercise:

1. Watch TED talks and/or videos from great communicators

2. Review this material carefully

3. Try to identify repeating patterns

4. Try to notice the techniques used by great communicators

5. Think about what you admire about these people and why

Tip: Don’t limit yourself to just videos and materials about your profession. Also opt for those who talk about their hobbies and subjects of interest to you. This makes the process lighter!

And how can self-analysis exercises be put into practice?

Do you really understand what your communication profile is? What kind of communicator would you like to be? What to enhance and what to correct, within your own authenticity?

For all these questions are the self-analysis exercises. Look:

1. Record yourself on video. Here, you can simulate a speech exposure situation: a presentation, a speech, a storie… something that is within your context.

2. Review this material. It doesn’t need to be shared with anyone: it’s you and you.

3. Make notes: write down what bothered you most about your performance, what you wanted to be different

4. Write down what you consider your strengths: what you are most proud of about this material

5. Now review the material and pay attention to your speech specifically: are there words you repeat excessively? Is your pronunciation understandable?

6. Finally, notice your gestures. Are they natural?

Exercises to develop public speaking: how to apply them?

Everything you’ve done so far will be an important foundation for your process of improving public speaking. Don’t skip these steps! Having a direction is fundamental for any learning.

The exercises to develop your oratory need to consider the three central pillars: the message, body expression and vocal expression. In each of them, you need to focus on specific techniques. Check out:

– Message

The message is what you say, that is, what you want to convey to people. In your learning, include techniques of:

– Content organization

– Definition of the best strategy for the approach (humor, emotion, among others)

– How to start and how to end a presentation

– Use of mental triggers

– Body language

Body expression is part of non-verbal language. After all, you communicate not only with words, but with your gestures, looks, facial expressions, posture and many other elements.

In your learning, include exercises to:

– Gesturing naturally

– Getting around on stage at face-to-face events

– Define the best framing in videos or digital communication

– Harmonize speech and facial expressions

– vocal expression

Finally, there are the exercises linked to the voice. The voice is a great instrument we have to convey our verbal message. Depending on how we use it, we enhance our communication or not. So learn to:

– Vary your tone of voice at strategic times

– Set the speech rate compatible with the exposure situation

– Include conscious pauses to strengthen the message

– Take care of the voice

All these steps, including observation and self-knowledge, will be carried out in an easier and more efficient way with the assistance of specialists in public speaking. So consider training!

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Exercícios para aprimorar a oratória e se comunicar melhor